Team leaders set out to implement the best formations of people, processes and technology to deliver their organisation’s solutions to market.

However, we often see perceived ‘ceilings’ of productivity that teams struggle to break through, which limits impact, affects morale and creates leadership dissatisfaction.

From our work with clients, we have found that this problem is due to a lack of effective processes and governance maturity, team culture and profiles, and issues with the team’s operational environment which can be hard to see and act on, despite existing review methods in place.

Understanding the priority areas for attention in your delivery function will help to maximise your team’s productivity and accelerate your business transformation.

What we do to help - Over three days together across a 2-week period, we:


  • Baseline the profile of the delivery function across organisational stakeholders and externally

aim investment

  • Assess maturity, pinpoint operational weaknesses and what you need to do next

Strategic thinking

  • Advise on team skill gaps and how you can strategically improve productivity

dev convo

Performance and
blockers audit

We collect current data and perceptions of the delivery function’s key challenges, issues felt at the frontline and desired outcomes across stakeholders.

– Current situation assessment
– Key challenges
– Desired outcomes
– Perspectives from leadership
– Team levels

Group of people sq


Operational capability assessment

We assess your delivery team’s current levels and constraining factors across models, frameworks and methods (e.g. Agile, Human-Centred Design), continuous process improvement and tooling.

Capability and tooling assessment
– Recommended improvements focusing on maturity, adoption, awareness and adaptability

developing talent

Team Profile Review

We evaluate team satisfaction and learning levels,
talent and skills, and knowledge retention in the business.

Team satisfaction survey
– Target skillsets and gaps in current initiatives
– Legacy assessment
– Defined progression plans

Results and Insights.

From a Fast 10-Day Engagement


- Business consensus on issues, desired outcomes, and current value realised compared to market

- Gap analysis across process expertise, tooling effectiveness and leadership support

- Team satisfaction levels and recommendations for improvements

- Target skillsets for achieving organisational goals

- Review of current learning, development and knowledge retention setup

- Synthesised conclusions, potential interventions and recommended immediate actions