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Disruptive Blindspot

In the face of unprecedented market volatility, maintaining status quo is no longer an option. The disruptive forces that once loomed on the horizon are now well and truly here.

We analyse and map your external ecosystems to provide a clear view on disruptive threats and implications for future activity.

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aim investment

Innovation Blindspot

Innovation teams can create value, but often they cannot or struggle to capture that value through monetisation.

We assess your internal ecosystems and recommend actions to ultimately de-risk the potential success of your innovation investment.

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Strategic thinking

Starter for Twenty

Attempting to create a future roadmap for new solutions based on a fixed initiative at the outset, is a false start.

Our lean innovation model helps you to develop and rapidly test new propositions to help assess value-capture potential, optimise your route to market, and de-risk further investments.

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Design lightbulb

Rapid Value Creation

Our world-renowned practice supports businesses with value creation through digital design thinking.

Our Rapid Value Creation framework can take a business problem to validating a solution, unlocking hidden growth opportunities and de-risking the bold moves your organisation needs to make.

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Helping businesses to survive, adapt, and thrive in today’s complex world


Our capability



Your most valuable asset. We work with you to understand and capture the value of your data.

Data should be used to inform decision making and underpin your strategic direction.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinkers

We evaluate and challenge your goals to ensure we’re solving the right problems.

Strategic thinking, enabled by data intelligence, empowers us to plan, create and execute effective solutions. 

Design lightbulb

Design thinking experts

Our design thinking practice is known around the world.

Our practice helps organisations create a roadmap for the future and combines creative and critical thinking to enable leaders to de-risk the big moves they need to make in adapting to change.

developing talent

Innovation specialists

We use bold experimentation to unearth new value propositions and discover what your next customers' needs are, based on ever-changing behaviours.


Performance analysts

We set, measure and test effectiveness.

We use data and insights to update and inform your ongoing growth plans, and ensure performance is always optimised. 

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Consultancy and training

Training solutions to enhance your team's capabilities.

We share knowledge and up-skill teams to help deliver quicker, more effective solutions.

Horizon enables organisations to reduce risk and unlock growth in an ever-changing landscape

We deliver results across channels and platforms to provide real value and boost your bottom line.

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