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Driving online sales and footfall into Snappy Snaps stores during the most competitive time of the year.

By creating marketing campaigns that stood out during the busy Christmas period.

We had two major challenges to overcome in working with Snappy Snaps

The first and arguably biggest challenge was to introduce digital marketing to the Snappy Snaps brand and get buy in from the 120 store owners, who historically had never utilised digital marketing but relied heavily on traditional offline advertising.

The second was to create a series of nationwide marketing campaigns that helped Snappy Snaps compete for their share of seasonal sales, both online and offline in their 120 stores. The core objectives were to; increase footfall into Snappy Snaps stores, increase website traffic, increase brand awareness of Snappy Snaps, and increase offline and online sales.

We started by working with the Snappy Snaps senior leadership team over a 3 month period, utilising full day workshops, to help educate them, define their objectives, build personas and create a marketing campaign strategy.

We collectively decided on a campaign called #ThrowbackXmas, where we asked the public to help us discover how Christmas has changed over the past 50 years.

Once this was complete, we presented with their senior leadership team, our strategy and plan in a full day of web focus groups with select Snappy Snaps store owners, educating them on our strategy and plan. Using feedback from these sessions, we further presented our strategy and plan to over 200 store owners at the Snappy Snaps mid year annual conference.

The objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness of Snappy Snaps, increase website traffic, grow sales and generate a valuable piece of Digital PR content that would showcase how Christmas has changed over the last 50 years through their customers eyes.

To make a success of this campaign, we delivered six weeks of planned organic content. This organic content was also backed up by paid search and social activity across Twitter and Facebook. We also worked with a select group of social influencers throughout the campaign to increase awareness, reach new audiences, drive the campaign message and increase product sales.

56,371 Store Visits/Footfall
£889,573 Store/Offline Revenue
1.8 million Brand Reach/Awareness
£18,562 Online Revenue

The #ThrowbackXmas campaign generated a large amount of engagement from a broad audience across three key social platforms.