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Pioneering new digital customer
experiences for Maserati

Reimagining the way people engage with the brand across every stage of the journey, from buying a Maserati through to ownership and repurchase.

How can we improve the ownership experience and improve long-term value through mobile?

Maserati's central challenge was about how to increase owner 'brand love'. They recognised that there were missed opportunities to increase customer satisfaction using digital and especially mobile. They also knew that if they could have a more tailored, interactive, and insightful relationship with their customers, it could lead to more data-driven improvements to the owner experience. And tapping this potential would have a measurable effect on customer retention and repurchase rates.

Our brief from Maserati was to create a digital product to maximise the value of ownership to customers, through rewarding content and services. The aim is to better satisfy customer needs, increase advocacy, and ultimately retain more long term custom. 

Transforming obstacles into opportunities

As part of our discovery process we ran workshops and activities to organise the different obstacles Maserati faced to delivering their goals, into four distinct starting points for where digital could deliver the greatest value at the earliest opportunity:

- Powering personal stories to build brand ambassadors
- Offer premium problem solving by anticipating customer needs
- Welcome new customers to the fearless family
- Reward customers for their behaviours

We created a multi-disciplinary content committee to unite the teams around the vision, and collectively prioritised different opportunities for features into areas that could be realistically met for an initial go-to-market MVP. 

Handheld exclusivity

A hyper-personal and direct channel full of immersive experiences and real-world utility, delivering a luxury experience on mobile and allowing Maserati to own the customer relationship and support the customer through the journey.

Taking inspiration from the coffee table and interactive story apps, Maserati Owner harnesses rich media and new technology to make interactive, personal, and beautiful digital experiences. The app delivers immersive brand experiences designed to make owners feel closer to the brand and arms them with authentic stories to tell.  

The app fits into the fast-moving, entrepreneurial lifestyle of Maserati's customers, and the expectation of effortless convenience that mobile has created, to deliver improved services and real-world utility. Its objective is to over-deliver on expectations and make ownership a consistently premium experience.

Maserati Owner reinforces the customer’s choice and facilitates brand advocacy, whilst collecting rich data which circles back into the experience to deliver deeper relevance and individual recognition over time. 

Maserati customer are expressive and individual - the Owner app will help fuel this post-purchase

— Jacob Nyborg, Head of Marketing for Maserati Global