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Reflecting the brand of country clubs and resorts.

Foxhills is Surrey’s leading country club and resort, featuring championship golf courses, a luxury spa and decadent accommodation. The business is constantly evolving to better suit the needs of their customers, and recently invested seven million pounds in a new pavilion, offering both indoor and outdoor play areas, two heated pools, a creche, and other family activities.  

As Foxhills evolved, and the business went through inevitable change, they found that their website no longer reflected the brand they’d become, or the depth of their current offering. And that’s not all: A sister property within the business, Farleigh, had similar challenges. Across both locations, both member and visitor audiences had to be considered and catered to, and the desire was to service both audience needs in a simple, clear and streamlined way – prioritising the most precious, highly-optimised customer journeys.  

That’s where we come in. 

A project like this demands an experienced, thoughtful, and carefully considered approach. So we started with our experience design process, focusing not only on the user experience and visual design of the website, but importantly, on the content. Many hospitality businesses have either a small in-house marketing team, or no in-house marketing team, so being able to rely on the depth and breadth of expertise that Etch offers allows for businesses like Foxhills to work faster and stay ahead of the competition.  

We’re also pragmatic, and our solutions always aim to deliver tangible value in the best feasible way. So to spend wisely, we used a multi-tenancy instance of Umbraco, one of our favourite CMS platforms, to not only cover Farleigh’s similar needs on one re-usable platform, but also set up Foxhills for the future, enabling them to set up an online presence for future locations at a fraction of the cost.  

And because stability is paramount for any hospitality business, we migrated the web hosting and infrastructure to a Microsoft CSP solution, to ensure a secure and reliable service that can deal with the demands of seasonal traffic, as well as any sudden spikes in interest, whether driven by planned marketing campaigns, or manifested organically. 

The outcomes speak for themselves. A beautifully designed website now accurately showcases the experiences on offer at both Foxhills and Farleigh. In addition, the way that both members and visitors find information has been radically overhauled, with streamlined and precisely optimised user journeys. Visitors now find information quickly and easily, and the integration with Foxhill’s chosen payment provider is completely seamless, providing a best-in-class experience for customers.  

And, for content editors, the website is now far easier to edit, and will evolve at the pace of the business, thanks to a first-class CMS back office, built upon Umbraco.  

Hospitality is one of our specialties, but every project is different. When customers visit Foxhills, they get luxury, peace of mind, and an experienced centered around them. Thanks to our combined efforts here, website visitors now get the same.