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A user-focused digital strategy for a company that interacts with 36m people in the UK, US and 120 other countries.

EQ (Equiniti) is a ‘superbrand’ providing technology, administration, processing and payment services to over 70% of the FTSE 100.

Having grown rapidly through acquisitions their marketing activities had become decentralised and spread across many different business units.

So, their business strategy was aiming to align efforts moving forward, including their approach to content marketing. The EQ C-Suite commissioned Etch to help align their digital and business strategies.

We started with an intensive research phase that analysed EQ’s competitors, ran surveys, interviewed users and stakeholders and explored every avenue of their current digital marketing activity.

We worked hard to instil a ‘customer-centric’ approach and to bring different teams together to understand their customer’s better. We trained internal stakeholders on the new approach and showed them how to go about it differently, addressing internal barriers and blockers as we went. We helped EQ’s marketing teams to own their new processes to make it a reality, one that they could move forward.

We left no stone unturned in a series of collaborative workshops, and we delivered a comprehensive new approach to group wide content marketing.

This included a new digital strategy vision, a detailed technical roadmap, a thorough 3-year editorial plan, governance recommendations and campaign ideas for the next 2-3 years.

We helped EQ to align their marketing activities internally to be more strategic and focused on actual user needs.

We provided useful frameworks to develop campaign-based themes and trained their internal teams on how to do their own editorial planning. A real and positive shift in what used to be a more tactical approach to marketing.

EQ have now fully embraced the new digital and content strategy and are busy implementing the learnings into their 3-year action plan. The group wide changes, and the benefits these bring are already being seen as they’re heading into year 1 of this long term plan.

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Thank you for all your hard and extremely thoughtful work, I can’t wait to see the results. This really is a step change project. Etch has enabled us to create a group-wide digital and content strategy that includes key recommendations, practical deliverables and ideas for content that will resonate with those in our industries. The whole team is excited to implement and take our marketing approach to the next level.

— Kathryn Earnshaw, Marketing Director EQ