esign Sprint

Validate the problem to solve 

The Etch Design Sprint can be perfectly designed to meet a number of business-critical situations, leading to better outcomes when the right activities are conducted.

Day 1: Problem framing
Day 2: Curate and decide
Days 3 & 4: Prototype
Day 5: Validate and learn





Proof of Concept

Define the solution and set the direction 

Experts embedded into the business, diving deep into understanding your customers and your real challenges.

We use design thinking and our knowledge of emerging tech to guide you and level up your team to produce products and services that really matter.

Phase 1: Empathise and understand
Phase 2: Define and Design
Phase 3: Validate and Learn




Minimum Lovable Product

A golden path market-ready core journey

You are not sure where to start but all you know is, that you have to get this to market in the next quarter. Don't worry our team of behavioural design experts, development gurus and scrum masters can get you there.

Etch have a vast network of specific industry experts ready to solve some of the toughest challenges that any organisation may face. Let us tackle it for you and champion you to new heights within the business.



Head of Digital - Quilter

"I have been blown away by the amount of work we have got through in order to deliver our MVP and more, and to such outstanding quality. The site really does look amazing…The key word here is team – and it just shows you what a group of people can do when all working together and pulling in the same direction"