As Peter & May’s global operations continue to grow, they needed to meet the demands of their new global audience by creating a digital home that catered for multiple languages.

With ambitious growth targets, Peters & May required a high performing website with a focus on both lead generation and user experience, as well as support with their digital strategy, to improve the brand’s search visibility.

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Etch undertook extensive research into Peters & May’s target audience, understanding their key needs and challenges which underpinned the website requirements. Critical to these learnings was keyword research, which, coupled with user needs, formed the new information architecture around which the new site experience was built.

We then scoped, prototyped, iterated and built the UK version of the site. With regular testing and feedback loops, we were able to quickly optimise large parts of the website experience and performance, including key user journeys and key contact forms.

A launch strategy was implemented, complementing existing digital activity, to ensure the new site gained the visibility and exposure required to meet the client’s ambitious growth targets.

P&M - 2

A UK based performance-focussed site, with improved user experience, was launched in just a few months. The multilingual sites followed, being launched strategically over a year. Central to the improved performance was increasing the site’s search visibility, both organically and paid. All KPIs have been exceeded for the past 4 years, and we have seen a YoY increase in traffic and leads across all 6 markets.

Organic traffic increased by 146%*
Lead generation increased by 315%**

Ongoing support with Peters & May saw the launch of a US version of the website in 2019, and the integration of all lead generation forms into Netsuite in 2020.

* Spanish website
** French website

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