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Our Capabilities

Etch help organisations innovate their digital customer experienced and continuously optimise for sustainable growth

We help you to develop a customer-centric strategy that translates your purpose and business objectives into action.

Our innovation experts will work with you to better understand your customers' needs, analyse your competitive environment, identify key opportunitites to win, and define how to move forward.

  • Customer experience maturity
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Business model innovation
  • KPIs and measurement
  • Service design
  • Product strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Business case development

Case study

British Airways

Helping derisk a £10 million investment by proving a new data-driven system could help staff make better decisions.

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We make engaging, intuitive experiences that captivate people and drive business impact.

Our team works with your business and your users to understand the brand opportunity, develop deep customer insights, and create innovative digital experiences designed to create and capture value.

  • User research and insight
  • Journey mapping
  • Brand identity
  • Information Architecture
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Data visualisation
  • Content production
  • In-market testing

Case study

No Man's Sky

A community-led project to explore, discover and catalogue a designated region of the No Man's Sky universe.

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We help you to connect with your target audience meaningfully, across the full digital channel mix.

Using modern analytics and experimentation techniques, we optimise each stage of your marketing funnel to drive sustainable growth, while embedding a framework for continuous value optimisation.

  • Marketing analytics & CRO
  • Marketing automation
  • Attribution modelling
  • Customer LTV modelling
  • Attitudinal research
  • SEO & content strategy
  • Paid media strategy

Case study

Snappy Snaps

Driving online sales and footfall into Snappy Snaps stores during the most competitive time of the year.

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We use technology to deliver value to your customers and bottom line.

With expertise in Cloud, Data, and Full Stack application engineering, we identify and recommend the best solutions and tooling to efficiently achieve your business goals and customer experience innovation strategy.

  • Customer data strategy
  • Solution design
  • Platform/vendor assessment
  • Full stack software engineering
  • Cloud architecture & migration
  • Digital Commerce
  • AI-as-a-service

Case study


Consolidating 20+ websites into one flexible platform.

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We help you build a customer-centric culture of innovation, by collaborating with your team and up-skilling them to focus on the efforts that will drive results.

We give your team the tools they need to succeed and help empower them to make decisions that will benefit your customers and drive sustainable competitive advantage.

  • CX & UI capability
  • Agile delivery
  • Innovation process
  • Design thinking
  • Content design
  • Growth marketing
  • Train-the-trainer

Case study


Redesigning the customer journey, for THE PIG, to grow online revenue.

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Our research & insights

Stay ahead with our perspective on the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for successful digital customer experiences.