Roundup: Sega, Guildford, Bungie, Borderlands

22 Apr 2022 - 4 minute read
We're back with the roundup, as we close out the second of the short Easter weeks. What's caught our attention in the world of games recently? Read..

Roundup: E3, BAFTAs, Max Payne

8 Apr 2022 - 4 minute read
In this week's roundup we're talking about last night's BAFTAs, E3 being cancelled, and Dan's heading off to WASD. 

Roundup: PS Plus, Mohammad Fahmi

1 Apr 2022 - 4 minute read
Happy April 1st! Let today be a reminder, to always view the things you read on the internet with a healthy degree of scepticism. Not our stuff..

Roundup: Xbox Controllers, Tunic

25 Mar 2022 - 3 minute read
In this week's edition we're looking at the Xbox Spring collection, initiatives to get youngsters into game development and some beautiful games.  

Roundup: Vampire Survivors, Sustainability

18 Mar 2022 - 3 minute read
Welcome to the latest edition of the Etch Play roundup. This week we're talking Vampire Survivors, FFXIV, sustainability efforts and more. Enjoy! 

Roundup: Ukraine

11 Mar 2022 - 7 minute read
Two weeks ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. War is always shocking and tremendously sad, and this conflict is an existential threat to peacetime in..

Roundup: Movies, Updates, Forbidden West

18 Feb 2022 - 3 minute read
This week we're talking videogame movie adaptions, planting trees, and seas that are full of thieves. 

Roundup: Exclusivity, Sim Weddings

11 Feb 2022 - 3 minute read
Welcome to another Etch Play weekly roundup. In this edition we're talking Sims weddings, Lord of the Rings, Call of Duty and more.

Roundup: Suicide Squad Delayed, Bungie Bought

4 Feb 2022 - 3 minute read
Roundup time! This week we're naturally looking at the Sony/Bungie news, as well as the upcoming Halo TV series, game delays and more. 

Etch Play Roundup (28/01/2022)

28 Jan 2022 - 4 minute read
In this week's roundup we're looking at the return of Joe Danger, what it's like for developers who achieve unexpected levels of success,..

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