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Adam Burt
Adam BurtSenior Developer (Games Marketing)

Hey folks!

Today on the blog we’re announcing something new that we’re doing, and I’m personally pretty excited about it!

As a quick recap for anyone not familiar with us: We’re Etch Play, and we specialise in making seamless marketing experiences for videogames. That means that we do websites, paid media, companion apps – all sorts of things really – but with one goal in mind: To hone in on what makes a game special, and bring that DNA to more player touchpoints.

So as a result, we make things like… Websites that really feel like the game, or social media ads that evoke the spirit of the game, ARGs, prequels, spin off games, and everything in between. Basically if it gets players SUPER EXCITED and engaged, we’re into it. You can find some of our work over on our work page here on the site, but recently we’ve found ourselves asking a familiar question:

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do X, for Y?

Because we love games, and we love extended experiences, we’re always spotting opportunities or having ideas about games and studios that we don’t actually have on our current roster. And rather than never sharing these ideas, we thought it would be fun to write them up as hypothetical scenarios, and hope that the studios involved don’t mind that we’ve had a bit of fun with their brand.

Today, we’re launching our very first one: What if Outer Wilds extended to your phone?

Promotional image for "What if?" Outer Wilds

If you watch our live shows or you’re an avid reader of our blog, then you’ll probably already know that I love Outer Wilds. So I couldn’t be happier that this is our first “What if?” we’re sharing with the world. For some reason, the company also let me directly edit the code on this one, which means I’ve slipped in a few Outer Wilds easter eggs. If you find some, let us know on Twitter!

We hope you enjoy this little look at what goes on inside our heads. It might not be real (… yet?), but it’s fun to think about. We’ll be launching more “What if?” editions in the months ahead, but for now, settle in by the campfire, start reading, and maybe set a timer for 22 minutes. You know, just in case.

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