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Dan Thomas
Dan ThomasHead of Game Services

The fantastic Guildford Games Festival and Awards return this winter, with the awards on the 2nd December and the festival taking place on the 3rd. 

The story so far...

Way back in the heady pre-covid days of 2019, ourselves and some Guildford Games Industry chums and supporters finally pulled together the inaugural Guildford Games Festival. It was held at Guildford's G-Live venue and hosted hundreds of games industry professionals and thousands of future industry recruits, players, parents and curious by-passers, who were previously unaware of the global presence Guildford has on the Games Industry map.

Last year, deeply entrenched in lockdown, we managed to put on another Guildford Games Festival albeit in digital garb. Thanks to a significant presence on Steam and Twitch we managed to reach millions of folks to educate, inform, entertain and signpost the great work of Guildford's Games studios.

An infographic showing off the stats for the Guildford Games Festival 2020, including 2.7 million views of the video content

What's next?

The gang is back together again and we are pulling out all the stops for another amazing digital event, with a tasty side of an in-person awards event (rules permitting). The team at Etch Play are teaming up again with our friends at Liquid Crimson, Ukie and EnterpriseM3 along with some amazing support from our fantastic sponsors.

Check out the announcement below, follow @GUGamesFest on Twitter, join the Discord, and get in touch if you'd like to be involved!

Watch the announcement video

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