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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the Etch Play Roundup. This week we're talking about Halloween style updates, new game releases and we have been getting into the spirit of the festivities by playing spookily themed games.  


This week, various outlets finally got their hands on a PS5 controller - and the impressions so far are very positive. It's also Halloween week, which means we've been thinking about seasonally appropriate games. Check out my Witch run in Dicey Dungeons here, and you can join me on Saturday to see me playing Costume Quest 2 on YouTube!

In the spirit of the holiday, I've also caved and purchased a copy of Hades for my Switch. Come back next week to hear my impressions!



Hello Games surprised the No Man's Sky community this week with a seasonal Halloween update. This update encourages players to go back to the previous Desolation update for new valuable resources and challenging gameplay. It's an amazing job by the team, especially so soon after the huge Origins update from last month, and the Next Generation update they are working on, which was also announced this week!

This is another great example of seasonal content, which Ben Joy blogged about this week.

procedurally-generated-interiors-3-1040w (1)

Ben J

Today sees the release of Little Hope, the second game in The Dark Pictures Anthology by our friends over at Supermassive Games. The game allows players to make decisions as they play, which will affect the story. You can also play 2 player co-operative mode online, where your decisions affect your playing partner as well. 

The game has released just in time for Halloween, so if horror games are your bag, definitely check this out. 

Mary Ghost_2


I’ve spent the past few weeks channelling my Halloween enthusiasm into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it seems I’m not alone. The Washington Post have reported that families are turning to Animal Crossing for trick-or-treating amid COVID-19 fears, and excitement on Twitter is building for the Halloween event and the appearance of ‘Jack’.

If you want a peek at my spooky island, check out this video from the weekly Etch Play live stream, where myself and Toni gave island tours and talked about what this wholesome game has meant to us both in 2020.

animal crossing halloween

Ben G

I regularly stream our lunchtime Rocket League games over on my Twitch channel. If you're bored, come join Mobin, Pete and myself and we'll have a good laugh about all the mistakes we make (spoiler: I make a lot).

Here are our top three goals from this week:


This week I've been exploring online event platforms that go a bit further than the usual video conference. In particular, I checked out Game Carnival, which is an event by Epic Games powered by a new platform from games payment services business Xsolla.

Whilst still fairly early days, the experience was interesting. Essentially you take control of a 3rd person avatar and can walk around a 3D event space/theme park. When you encounter exhibition stands there is a video that will play and a panel presenting more information. What is also cool is the spatial audio. You can walk up to another avatar and have a conversation with that person and exchange contact details.

Overall the format shows a lot of potential and I look forwards to seeing how it evolves.

game carnival

We're over and out for another week. If you just can't get enough of Etch Play, we have a weekly live show every Thursday at 4pm on our Twitch channel. If you miss the show, these are always uploaded to our YouTube channel, along with a whole host of other videos of us playing games and chatting videogame marketing. And if video isn't your thing, please come say hi to us on Twitter.

Have a spooky Halloween. We hope you get plenty of treats, and not too many tricks! 🎃  

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