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It's roundup time once again! This week we're brining you Halo, the fastest selling consoles, Microsoft Flight Simulator and more. And it's all waiting for you just below this sentence 👇


This weekend, Halo: Infinite is inviting fans to check out a technical preview of the game - for one weekend only. For the next two days, people who signed up in advance for the chance to play may be invited to download a pre-release build and play "Bot Arena", a new playlist which pits 4 humans against 4 bots (which are new to the franchise). Check out this stream for more info and some footage of what players can expect this weekend.


Elsewhere, Mobius have finally unveiled the DLC for Outer Wilds - an expansion called Echoes of the Eye. Details are still sparse, because when it comes to Outer Wilds, the mystery is always 90% of the fun. There is a trailer though, which you can check out below. It launches on September 28th.


We've recently been thinking about Outer Wilds, and we made it the subject of our "What if?" series. You can read that out here.

Ben J

Can you believe it's been 8 months since the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S came out? How time has flown by! Well, it's been a very good 8 months for both Sony and Microsoft as, despite distribution issues, the consoles have been the fastest selling for both companies. 

It was estimated that as of 30th June, the Xbox Series X|S had likely sold around 6.5 million units, which was up from an estimated 5.7 million units of the Xbox One over the same release timescales. Although units weren't mentioned, it was confirmed this week by Microsoft that the consoles are their fastest selling, with their Q4 revenue hitting $347 million, and that "hardware revenue increased by 172% in Q4, due to a higher volume of Xbox consoles sold than the previous quarter."

Although the clear winner is Sony, who has reported this week that they have surpassed 10 million units in 249 days. Previously their fastest selling was the PS4 which achieved that feat in 271 days. 

Photo of Xbox Series X|S and PS5


Orchard Core is a CMS we'll often use here in the Play team, utilised in our PlayCMS offering. It was awesome to see that 1.0.0 is now available after so many amazing contributions and a lot of hard work from the community. This new release introduces some awesome new improvements like audit trails, shortcodes, media library improvements and many more that we're looking forward to make use of. We have a whole host of open source modules, themes & templates available on GitHub, which we're now in the process of upgrading to target 1.0.0.

Screenshot of PS5

 Ben G

Microsoft Flight Simulator finally arrived on Xbox Series X/S consoles this week. Developed by Asobo Studio, the flight sim basically gives you access to the entire world thanks to its unique world generation systems, backed up by streaming from the cloud.

You'll need over 100 gig of storage on your console to play it (definitely do that overnight!) but it's absolutely worth the wait. From seeing all the wonders of the world from the skies to flying over your house, Microsoft Flight Simulator is just a really chill way to spend some time gaming. Even if you do what I did and spend 15 minutes looking for a landmark, only to realise you've been flying in the wrong direction the whole time!



So, surprising news this week, New Pokémon Snap is apparently getting its first content update, and its just around the corner, being released on August 3rd. While The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are being a little hush hush on details on what is in these new areas, there's a trailer that you should 100% check out.


And so another week draws to a close. We'd love to hear what caught your attention this week in the world of games. Let us know by giving us a shout on Twitter.

If you want more from Etch Play, we have a jampacked YouTube channel full of industry interviews, marketing tips and gameplay for you to enjoy. Or if you want to catch us live we have a weekly live show on Twitch on Thursdays at 4pm (BST) where we discuss even more industry news and have discussions about the wider games industry. This week we were lucky to have Astrid Rosemarin join us to chat about communities, which you can check out right here 👇


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