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Ben Joy
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Where did October go? In this week's edition we're getting you ready for Halloween, talking about PlayStation's new PC label, and much more. Enjoy.  

Ben G

Sony has formed the ‘PlayStation PC’ label for its PC games push.

On Wednesday, Steam users noticed that the platform holder’s PC releases had their publisher switched to ‘PlayStation PC LLC’, from the previous PlayStation Mobile. It represents another strong signal that Sony intends to increase its gaming output on the PC platform.

Sony’s first modern PC ports were Horizon Zero Dawn (August 2020) and Days Gone (May 2021). Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will also make the jump to PC in 2022.



It's the weekend of Halloween, which means ✨ spooky games ✨ are in session. If you're looking for the best scary experiences, here's a run down of some of the hottest ones at the minute.

Resident Evil 4: VR
For true fear aficionados, this classic Resident Evil title is now available for the Oculus Quest 2. Words won't do this one justice, so just go ahead and check out gameplay below.

Blending genres and defying expectations are the name of the game in this spooky deckbuilder. By all accounts, the less you know about it before you start playing, the better. So if you're in the mood for creepy vibes rather than a frantic fight for survival, just go buy it.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes
The latest installment in The Dark Pictures anthology from Supermassive Games is House of Ashes, a cinematic experience that stars Ashley Tisdale and lets players make choices that influence the narrative. If you're a fan of horror films but wish you could influence the action, look no further.

Ben J

It's time for the latest update on how next gen (I guess now current gen actually!) console sales are going. Fair to say, it's going well for both camps.

With a 287% year on year rise in hardware sales, PS5 sales are now over 13 million. Sony's overall quarterly game revenue has risen to $10.8bn, which is a decent chunk of change in anyone's book.

On the other side of the fence Xbox have seen their hardware revenue increase by 166% in the last quarter, compared to the same time period last year. We never really get an official figure on the number of units sold, but clearly it's quite a lot! Microsoft is also seeing growth in their other gaming areas through content and Game Pass, although there was a decline in third party titles. Although Game Pass hasn't grown at the rate Microsoft was hoping for in recent times, I don't think it's time to be hitting the panic button just yet. 

In other news, we've just got back from this years Develop:Brighton, which was a fantastic event. It's been so nice to catch up with some old friends, meeting some new ones, and in general being back around so many amazing folks within the gaming industry. Tip of the hat to everyone involved in the event. We can't wait for the next one!



This week Xbox released the campaign overview trailer for Halo Infinite ahead of it's highly anticipated release on November 8th. The 6 minute long trailer gives a great insight in to what fans can expect from the single player campaign. Players will combat on Zeta Halo, an open world that features the banished enemies in an effort to find out what happened to Cortana. My favourite bit from the trailer is when Master Chief stumbles across a salvage operation and fires a rocket launcher straight into it, stating they need to "Shut it down... Permanently".



Facebook have pulled back the curtain on their Metaverse agenda this week with the reveal of a rebrand of the Facebook company renaming as simply "Meta".


Alongside the story of the rebrand, Zuckerberg has shared more details of their vision of the "Metaverse". Showing off a fairly stereotypical realisation of the metaverse akin to some of the ideas presented in Ready Player One but making efforts to incorporate mixed reality between AR, VR, phones and wearables.


Whilst a little cheesey, the concept is fun and offers a glimpse of what future interactive social networking and play might look like. But of significance for me throughout the update from Zuck, are the references to "open" and "collaborative" creation of the metaverse. Time will tell how committed the corporate behemoths are to that key aspect of the Metaverse vs the walled gardens most major platforms are pushing to date...

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