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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

It's Gamescom week, and we've got you covered with a number of the big stories coming out of the event, as well as a few other little titbits for ya... 


The most exciting stories this week are mostly coming out of Gamescom, which kicked off on Wednesday night with a showcase featuring a number of new trailers. Among the most exciting for me was the reveal of a new game, from the creators of XCOM, that delves into the darker side of the Marvel universe.

Next week on our weekly live show, we'll be talking about all the biggest reveals from the show and sharing the best trailers, so make sure you're following us on Twitch and don't miss it - it's also going to be our one year anniversary show and it's gonna be packed with great content.

Elsewhere, the Xbox team has unveiled some very special stuff for fans of Forza and Halo...



Aside from the main buzz coming from Gamescom, the commercial games industry cycle rolls on. An interesting funding round this week was announced for Infinite Canvas, a startup geared towards enabling higher production values for "user-generated, creator-led content".

"What if we built a new kind of organisation that blended parts of being a game publisher, parts of being an esports team, parts of being a capital and tech backend to basically enable these people to do what they do but better and bigger?"

The premise appears to be that content creators within existing, well-established games platforms such as Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft could achieve even greater heights with more formalised commercial support.

This is an interesting new emerging sector within the industry, layering a commercial element onto content creation which itself is a relatively new slice of the industry built on top of the core gaming experiences.

This could be an indicator towards another step in the evolution of the metaverse concept as discussed on last week's live show. 



The very first title revealed at Gamescom's Opening Night Live was a reboot of Saints Row, an announcement close to our hearts in the Play Team. After a short teaser campaign featuring an evolving graffiti wall hinting at what was to come, the announcement revealed a high-octane CGI trailer introducing the new rebooted Saints Row.

Rebooting a long-standing franchise is an extremely tough balancing act to get right, particularly for something like Saints Row which has a long and dramatic evolution across the previous four titles with factions of fans favouring different generations and fostering a myriad of different expectations. It is however important for games studios to liberate themselves from creative constraints so a reboot can be just what's needed to unlock potential innovation within teams that can push the industry forward.

Check out the trailer over on the new website.


Ben G

There’s a new free-to-play soccer football game coming to all major consoles. UFL, a football simulation aiming to take on FIFA and eFootball (formerly PES), was announced during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live.

“Players will be able to create their own football clubs made up of more than 5,000 licensed footballers and compete with other gamers worldwide to prove their skills and climb to the very top of the league”.

The game has been in development for five years by Strikerz Inc., who introduced the game as “Fair to play”, with an emphasis on player skill and no pay-to-win elements. Built in Unreal Engine, all we know is that a release date will be announced “soon”.


Ben J 

We're all fans of The Mandalorian here right? Right? I'm going to assume we are.

Well there might be a Mandalorian game in the works! But then again, there might not. This week some very shaky footage has been doing the rounds online which seem to show some form of Mandalorian game, allegedly filmed from a screen at a presentation.

We already know that The Mandalorian TV show uses Unreal Engine in it's production, so maybe a game isn't too far of a stretch. I'm sure there would be a desire for it amongst fans. It's unclear whether this is real or fake, but if it is real, I am definitely here for it!

photo of alleged footage from Mandalorian game

Other stuff

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