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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

Welcome to the last roundup of February... Where does the time go? This week Emma has been checking out Forza games, there's new game trailers and Steam just upped their Remote Play Anywhere service. Enjoy!


This week marks the 6 year anniversary of my all time favourite mobile game, Alto’s Adventure, and the 3 year anniversary of the sequel, Alto’s Odyssey. Developed by Snowman, this game had me addicted and I would spend hours snowboarding through different terrains and weather conditions while performing as many backflips and huge combos as I could. The varying terrain and weather culminated in some epic backdrops as you do huge jumps over mountain crevasses. Snowman have moved on from mobile games and will be releasing their latest game, Skate City, to consoles and PC this year.

altosadventure (1)


After discussing the game with Adam for this video, I spent the weekend playing Forza Horizon 4, and even a little Forza Motorsport 7 (truck racing? I’m in!) on Xbox Game Pass. However, turn off automatic braking and I am terrible. It turns out a lifetime spent playing Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing doesn’t prepare you for serious racing games. But I did enjoy the quality of the game, the UK inspired tracks and all the different race types. One to practice for the remainder of lockdown I think, watch this space…

forzah4 (1)


One of this week's best new trailers is this one, for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Coming to "all relevant platforms" next year, the game is effectively a spiritual successor to Sega's Jet Set Radio Future - an IP which has not seen a new entry in almost 20 years, despite vocal fan demand. If the game does well, you have to imagine that Sega will wish they had launched their own sequel rather than sitting on it all this time. I can't wait to try it out.


Ben J

This week is was announced by Sony that they would be giving away Ratchet & Clank (2016) for free to all PS4 and PS5 users, even those without a PS Plus subscription. They stated that they wanted to give something back to the community as they know the last 12 months have been hard on everyone. This is a really nice gesture, and also a pretty tactical choice of game to give away, what with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart releasing in mid June. This will now enable players to pick up and get invested in the game if they previously hadn't played it, increasing their chances of purchasing the new title. 

Ratchet-Clank-PS4-1280x720 (1)


Just over a year ago Steam launched their Remote Play Anywhere service into beta, and this week, they've added in something that makes it even easier to get your friends involved in the games! Now the invitee doesn't even need a steam account, simply launch a play together session, and you can get a link that you can send to a friend, and, according to Valve, it should work on almost any device. There is still a small download they will have to do to be able to join, but removing the barrier of having a steam account is a great way to get your less game inclined friends to hop into a game easily.


Ben G

Here's something silly to end your week with... Have you ever thought that the rumble feature in game controllers wasn't realistic or sufficient enough? Well, iOS developer Jatin Patel certainly feels that way. He does big, silly projects for his YouTube channel and his latest effort involves connecting a giant 2,880rpm induction motor to his DualShock. Let's see how that worked out for him...



As we shared on this week's live show, I dipped my toe in the waters of Valheim this week with a gentle onboarding from Etch Playmates, Ben G and Pete. The game is the latest out of nowhere, breakout success to hit the games media headlines, and I can see why.

The collaborative nature of the game instils a vitality to boost player acquisition and the grindy-but-satisfying core loop of the game helps keep players engaged with enough creative freedom to make each play session a unique experience. Definitely one that is going to get a bit more of my attention I'm sure! Kudos to the small team at Iron Gate Studio for punching well above their weight as we also discussed in the show.


Thanks for joining us for another roundup. Let us know what caught your attention this week by sending us a message over on Twitter. For more content from us you can head over to our YouTube Channel, which is packed full of interviews with industry experts, as well as some fun gameplay.  Or join us every Thursday at 4pm on our Twitch channel for our weekly live show where we discuss gaming news, play some games and have discussions about videogame marketing and the industry in general.

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