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Adam Burt
Adam Burt

Ready for another roundup? Every week, we ask the Etch Play crew to share some news and views from this week in the world of videogames. The result? A pretty good roundup of some interesting insights! Let's get started with this week's edition...


The Steam Next Fest has arrived, bringing with it loads of demos of cool games to try on Steam - and big savings on some titles that might be on your wishlist. Among the demos are trial versions of Sable, Road 96, Terra Nil and Naraka: Bladepoint - which will you be trying?

You can find all the action here, or, if you're yet to be convinced, check out this extremely good trailer from Steam's own Kaci Aitchison...


We are heading into the knockout stages of the Euros this weekend, and while so many eyes are on the world of football, it's a great time to put out content for your upcoming football game.

That is exactly what Konami have done by releasing a demo of PES 2022 this week. The demo is available on PlayStation (4 & 5) & Xbox (One & Series S/X) with cross play support, and will be running until the 8th July.

A screenshot from the PES 2022 demo

Konami state that the demo is a limited test version, primarily to check the quality of matchmaking and connectivity with game servers. They have also made it clear that all aspects of the game are still under development, and will be continually improved up until the official release.

This version of PES will have a new game engine, utilising the Unreal Engine to make the transition to next generation consoles. I have firmly been on the FIFA side for many years, and this feels like a risky play to try and gain some new fans by allowing players to play an incomplete game. It is a free download though, so why not give it a whirl, while hoping that England can bring it home.


So this has apparently been out for a 2 weeks now, but I only found out about it this week - TrackMania now has a Battle Royal mode?!

20 teams of 3 compete across 5 short tracks, and afterwards the slowest 3 teams get eliminated. Then you get 5 new tracks, to go at it all over again, until there is only one team remaining! Not only did this update come out of nowhere, but it's come alongside a new summer track playlist, with what looks like all new track pieces.

And if you're into eSports, the TrackMania cup begins on July 4th, so be sure to check that out too.

Pete (Again)

Hey, when are we gonna play TrackMania as a team again? I'm up for it. [Editor's note: Me too]


This week, the world's fastest hedgehog turned 30 years old and I've been getting all nostalgic. Sorry to anyone who has been on a video call with me lately, as I've been playing the Green Hill theme from the soundtrack pretty much every time I share my screen.

Sega have curated a line up of celebratory events, merch, games and everything in between that really exemplifies "the extended experience", something that the Sonic franchise has really got right over the past three decades with games, films, cartoons, toys, books, comics - and now, even a symphony orchestra performance of the classic Sonic soundtrack.

If you're into Sonic as much as I am, the 30th anniversary site is a treasure trove of golden rings that's well worth a look for any Sega fan, young or old.

Ben G

Is it just a fact of life that the older you get, the greater the chances are of a piece of news hitting you right in the feels? This week, the Nintendo 64 celebrated its 25th birthday. And, whilst it is a celebration, I can't help but despair at how much time has passed since my childhood years spent playing groundbreaking games like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye 007, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64, Perfect Dark and many more.

A photograph of an N64

Nintendo discontinued the console in 2002, after worldwide sales reached 32.93 million. A total of 388 games were released on the Nintendo 64 in those 6 years, with the biggest seller being Super Mario 64 at 11.62m copies. Happy birthday, old friend.

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