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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

Is there a Mario movie coming? Will Dan be speaking at Develop Conference? Has Myles made another appearance in the roundup? Find the answers to all these questions, just below this sentence... 


Mario's getting his own animated movie, and we now know some details about the main cast.

Chris Pratt will take on the role of Mario, which is... Well, it's a choice. Joining him are Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi and Jack Black as Bowser.
Rounding out the cast, Seth Rogen will voice Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen will take on the role of Cranky Kong, and Keegan-Michael Key will play Toad.

Original Mario voice actor, Charles Martinet, is slated to appear as 'surprise cameos' in the movie.

It's far too early to say whether this movie will be any good, but it's certainly going to be a fascinating attempt to merge one of gaming's most iconic characters and the world of animated film. Who would be in your dream Mario cast? Did anyone expect this to be Chris Pratt!?


Ben G

Netflix has acquired the Roald Dahl Story Company, which means it now has exclusive rights to create movies, shows, and even games based on the author’s work.

Roald Dahl’s tales have been adapted into movies and TV shows many times in the past. However, a statement on the acquisition by Netflix suggest that it will be taking the works of Roald Dahl a step further than that:
“The creations of a unique universe across animated and live-action films and TV, publishing, games, immersive experiences, live theater, consumer products and more”.

Get ready for Roald Dahl-themed everything!



I picked up Kena: Bridge of Spirits a couple of days ago. I was instantly drawn to it’s Pixar-like art style and had to get it. The studio behind the game, Ember Lab, were formerly an animation studio that are best known for this amazing Zelda fan film so it’s no surprise the game looks the way it does. The game has been getting rave reviews so far and I'm really looking forward to diving into it this weekend.



After our fantastic day out in the real world last week attending the Ukie AGM and MCV/Develop's IRL event, we're really looking forward to our next industry gathering at Develop Conference in Brighton at the end of October. Even more so now as I have been invited to speak as part of the discoverability track. It's been a while since I put myself in front of an audience to give a talk but I'm super excited to share some of our latest learnings and insights in all things games marketing and strategy.

More info about Develop and my session over on the website and if you're heading there, several of the crew will be about so be sure to say hello!


Ben J

Followers of the Etch Play roundup will know that I am a big Nintendo fan, and especially of the N64. Well, fellow N64 fans will likely be happy to hear that a new tier of Switch Online will be available late next month with N64 and Mega Drive games. Launch titles will include some of my very favourites, Super Mario 64, Mario Tennis, Star Fox 64, amongst a handful of others, with plans for more games to be added in the future. 

Nintendo will also start selling N64 and Mega Drive controllers for the Switch.

I am still rocking my actual N64 console, so whether I go in for the tier, I'm not so sure. But, for anyone looking to play some old school favourite and no longer have the console, this is a great option!


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