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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

This week we have great news about the impact of Animal Crossing on your mental health, excitement about a new game announcement, a really cool marketing campaign, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!


Surprise game of the year, Among Us, joined Twitter this week. They've been teasing fans with a screenshot of a new map and they also exposed details on what they are focusing on moving forwards. The new map appears to be themed around a boat and is due to be revealed at the Game Awards on December 10th.

They also tweeted that their highest priority is user accounts, which will help with reporting and moderation to prevent toxicity and hacking. Additionally they are going to make the game support a whole host of other languages. The new map is definitely exciting and will likely breathe even more life into what is already an immensely popular game, especially on all the streaming platforms.


Hades has exceptional writing. It's one of the many reasons why the game has been nominated for 8 trophies at this year's Game Awards. The folks over at People Make Games have produced this fantastic video explaining how the dialogue system breaks new ground for the roguelike genre, and how the story manages to adapt to the millions of ways that the game can be played.



This week I came across mobile game Mini Football, and found it so fun to play. You can't customise your squad as much as you can on the FIFA game but it's still really fun, and very funny when the players make mistakes. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Below is my current squad:

mini football


The long-running and visually stunning campaign for Assassin's Creed Valhalla wore me down last week and I caved and picked up a copy on PS4. So my non-work screen time of late has seen me participating in the 873 AD Viking invasion of Britain.

Particularly interesting is this is the first game I can remember featuring my home county of Hampshire, or rather "Hamtunscire" as it's referred to in the game. I've not opened that part of the map yet but I look forwards to seeing the in-game interpretation of the New Forest!


Ben G

IO Interactive, the Danish video game studio behind Hitman, announced on Thursday that they're working on a James Bond game, currently titled Project 007.

The studio says this game will be a "wholly original Bond story" and "players will step into the shoes of the world's favourite Secret Agent to earn their 00 status". IO Interactive will no doubt lean upon their vast experience with stealth in the Hitman franchise but I don't think we should expect it to be all about sneaking around. Let's also hope for some classic James Bond shootouts, car chases and full-blooded action!

Yesterday's announcement came with a teaser trailer and whilst it doesn't reveal much, just hearing that classic James Bond theme is enough to evoke nostalgia and excitement for what the studio can deliver in this latest spy game.



This week Nintendo revealed the next piece of Animal Crossing: New Horizons content coming to the Switch, with a trailer for their winter update! Turkey Day, which is on the 26th November (so prepare quick), and Toy Day on the 24th December both look like spectacularly themed days!

As well as new reactions, new hair styles, and some long requested features like save backups and expanding the storage of the players house, this update looks amaaazing!



Like Joe, I am here to talk about the eagerly anticipated Animal Crossing: New Horizons winter update and events. Not only am I over the moon that Christmas 2020 has a social event that I can look forward to (my villagers are my friends this year), but I love how happy this update has made the AC community, showing that this is a game that listens to users.

The new hair styles are more inclusive, there's also some handy new features as Joe has mentioned around storage and save transfers, and it's also been announced that playing it can benefit well-being and mental health. That's me sorted for December.


Ben J

Although the PS5 launched last week, the UK had to wait until this week to get their hands on the new machine. To celebrate the UK launch, a really nice campaign was run in London, changing some of the London Tube station signage to use the PlayStation Controller buttons the world has come to know and love. 

As well as this, it has been extended to some of the station names as well.  Mile End station has been changed temporarily to be Miles End, from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. You will no longer be getting off at Seven Sisters, but instead Gran Turismo 7 Sisters. West Ham is now Horizon Forbidden West Ham. And definitely my favourite of the lot, Lancaster Gate has been rebranded to Ratchet and Clankaster Gate.

Ahh, I love some good word play! 

ps tube station

Thank you for joining us for another roundup! Hopefully we didn't take you away from your new console for too long (if you were lucky enough to get hold of one!). As always, if you'd like to see more from us, join us every Thursday at 4pm on Twitch, where we discuss the latest videogame news, play some games, and chat videogame marketing. All episodes plus a whole load more content are always uploaded to our YouTube channel, and you'll also find us hanging out on Twitter.

Have a super smashing great weekend 👋

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