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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

Roundup time! We're covering a few highlights from this week's Nintendo Direct, celebrating another great update to No Man's Sky, and Pete has found a game other than Rocket League to binge!


I know not everyone is excited about the Nintendo Direct announcement this week, but having never had the right device to play Fall Guys, I’m looking forward to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to the Switch this summer.

But that’s not all, it’s been announced that the Super Mario items coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons will feature a fully-functioning Warp Pipe. Cool and practical? I’m sold.

animalcrossing32thanniversarymario.0 (1)


Some light news for you this week: VICE Games tracked down the developer who renamed his company "Very Positive" on Steam. The aim? To trick people into thinking his game had achieved very positive reviews. Is this clever, deceitful or a bit of both? We'll let you be the judge.



It’s a big deal when I sink hours into a game that isn’t Rocket League, and this week that’s happened in the form of Valheim. Developed by Iron Gate Studio, Valheim is an exploration and survival game that’s proving to be very popular, selling over 2 million copies, and at one point became the second most played game on Steam. 

Released at the beginning of this month, the game drops your Viking character into a procedurally generated mythical world. From here you need to harvest the stunning landscape to build up your characters skills and resources that will enable you to explore new and more dangerous lands that have more lucrative rewards. Playable with up to 10 friends, the game is charming with stunning scenery and is super addictive, especially when your character levels up and you can explore more new lands. The game is currently only in early access so I’m very excited to see what’s to come. One tell of a really good game for me is when you look at the time and you realise you've been playing the game for hours, Valheim ticks that box.

valheim (1)

Ben G

Microsoft is starting a new program that will allow developers to send in Xbox and PC games to be evaluated by a team of accessibility experts. Brannon Zahand, Microsoft's senior program manager of gaming accessibility, explained that "where issues are found, they are noted with reproduction steps, screenshots, and other information to help the developer understand what aspect of a given experience may be challenging for certain gamers with disabilities".

This program is part of a larger accessibility campaign launched by Microsoft in 2019 after the release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The company has also revised a list of best practices known as the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines, for developers on its platforms to ensure as many people can play their game as possible.

okxeqatxfjuxs8wj4nb4 (1)


I came across this Elon musk interview on Clubhouse which got me interested in the app itself. It is invite only at the moment, so luckily I got an invite from a friend so I could start using it.

It is simple to get on board but when joining a room it seems to be busy and everyone is talking at the same time (at least in my experience!). I haven't found any useful rooms yet, but it's because I've only had it for two days.

Clubhouse-voice-chat-social-network (1)


This week saw ANOTHER update to the unstoppable machine that is No Man's Sky. The folks at Hello Games have delivered another significant free update to the game dubbed the Companions Update.

I absolutely love this update as it adds some unique gameplay elements that really add to the core proposition of the game. Adding a new element to exploration and survival by having to care for your companion as well as yourself, whilst also adding in relationship dynamics based on how attentive you are. All complimented by the many weird and wonderful creatures that result from the procedural generation. I'll be diving into this update this weekend for sure!


Ben J

I was excited by the announcement made at this week's Nintendo Direct that Mario Golf Super Rush is coming out on the Switch later this year. I was a huge fan of Mario Golf on the N64, and still it play it to this day. So I was pleased to see it looks similar, but with enhanced features and modes. Now with a story mode and speed golf, which looks chaotic, I can't wait to give this a try. Even better, it comes out the day after my birthday... Perfect timing, in case any one wants to get me a gift 😛



This weekend it's Blizzcon! Blizzard's biggest convention of the year where they announce their biggest upcoming releases, as well as patches to existing games, which are coming in the near future. While nothing is known about what is going to be announced, there are a few rumoured leaks, such as a Diablo 2 remaster, a huge patch to Shadowlands, the latest expansion for World Of Warcraft, and, as many speculated, a classic reboot of The Burning Crusade, World of Warcraft's first expansion. I'm super excited to see what comes out of it, whether the rumours are true or not, but all will be revealed this weekend.

blizzcon-credit-blizzard-entertainment@2000x1270 (1)

And just like that, it's the weekend again! We hope you've had a good week, let us know what caught your attention in the world of gaming by sending us a message on Twitter. If you want more content from us, our YouTube channel is packed full of interviews with industry experts and gameplay. We also have a weekly live show every Thursday at 4pm on our Twitch channel where we talk even more gaming news, play some games, and have discussions about all things videogame marketing.

Check out this week's episode right here before you go 👇


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