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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

It's been another exciting week in videogame land as we saw the return of E3 after a years hiatus. Lots of things caught our attention throughout the week and we're here to tell you all about them...


Forza Horizon is heading to Mexico, baby! And it's coming this year, bolstering the Xbox holiday line-up significantly. Look at this game. I mean - look at it. It looks beautiful, and I thought Horizon 4 on the Series X was good... I can't wait to dive in and drive all over this map in high octane races. Am I a racing fan now? Is this what the Forza team has done to me?


Eurogamer spoke with the team to learn more about the game, so if you're as excited as I am, give it a read. Bienvenidos a Horizon!


I saw the trailer for Fallout:London yesterday and hadn't realised this huge DLC mod had been a year in the making. Dodgy cockney VO aside, It looks pretty special. I was a big fan of Fallout 3 as the era it was set stuck in was great for atmosphere and style. Fallout:London looks like it's got the same vibes.


Ben G

In a recent post that recapped its Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase, Microsoft buried this important nugget of info: the Xbox One will soon be able to stream Xbox Series X and S games.

This is all part of Microsoft's push to turn Xbox Game Pass into the premiere video game subscription service. xCloud, which allows games to be streamed to phones and tablets, will soon be switching to Xbox Series X hardware on the server side. It'll mean streamed games will load faster and run better, opening opportunities for Xbox One owners to play games beyond the capability of their consoles. And last week, Microsoft announced an Xbox smart TV app, for targeting prospective players without consoles.

Streaming is removing many of the hurdles that gamers face when wanting to play the latest games and Microsoft is banking on it. Don't have the latest console? Stream it. Don't have enough storage space? Stream it. Don't want to wait for a 200gb game to download? Stream it first. Don't even own a console? Stream it.

Xbox Bethesda Artwork


It's difficult to know where to start this week with so much going on! We had some really great discussion on this week's live show which I highly recommend checking out if you're interested in the perspective of some amazing games marketing professionals on the announces and format of this year's E3 and Summer Game Fest.

This year I have been particularly enjoying the more comedic reveals such as this brutally honest trailer for The Outer Worlds 2:

And the always entertaining Devolver Digital contribution:

Comedy is hard to pull off, but in an age of expectation of authentic content driven by the rise of streamers and individual content creators, a bit of self-deprecation and satire goes a long way and these folks have got it spot on.


It's not quite gaming but I was really excited that Kumospace can let you build your own environments now for gatherings, kind of like building your own mini game world.


Two things from Nintendo’s E3 Direct caught my eye. First was the announcement of the long-rumoured Metroid Dread. It was originally rumoured all the way back in 2006 so to finally get confirmation that it actually exists is very exciting for me as I’m a fan of the series. It’s not quite Metroid Prime 4 (another hotly-anticipated Metroid game) but it’s still great to see the series finally get some love. Thankfully, there won't be too long of a wait as it releases this October.


The other thing Nintendo showed that I’m extremely excited about was a trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2. The first game is one of the best games on the Switch in my opinion and the second game looks like more of the same.


Ben J

I don't know why, but I'm always slightly sceptical when recent films get turned into games. That said, I did take notice of the announce of Guardians of the Galaxy during the Square Enix showcase. Probably partly because of the music,  I enjoyed the trailer and it looks like the game could be a lot of fun. It does appear that although all your favourite Guardians are around, you will be playing solely as Star-Lord. It would've been cool to be able to play as any of the Guardians, or play co-op with a few friends as different characters, but maybe that will come later. We won't have to wait long to play the game as it is due out on October 26th!


We'd love to hear what you're most excited about from the announcements made the last couple of weeks, let us know by shooting us a message on Twitter.

We also have a weekly live show on Twitch every Thursday at 4pm that we think you might enjoy, where we chat the latest news, play some games, and have a discussion about videogame marketing and topics affecting the wider games industry. This week we had an E3 special with a bunch of fantastic guests. You can check out that episode (and all our old episodes and load of other videos) on our YouTube channel, or hey, watch it right here 👇


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