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It's time for another edition of the Etch Play weekly roundup! This week we're talking about rave reviews for Deathloop, we've been checking out some of the new games on Game Pass, and Destiny is close to a major milestone. Enjoy!


Hello, roundup fans!

This week Deathloop finally launched on PS5 and PC, to absolutely rave reviews - including 10/10's from IGN  and GameSpot. By all accounts this is a special game and I can't wait to try it. Due to the wonderful world of exclusivity contracts and acquisitions, this title is a timed console exclusive to the PS5, but is published by Bethesda who are now part of Microsoft's gaming empire. We live in weird times.

As for me, I've been playing The Artful Escape. It's an unusual little thing, with almost no difficulty and a focus on musicality that makes it play more like an interactive concept album than a game at times. But it's stunningly realised, well written, and a great advertisement for the power of games.

Last but not least from me, I had to share this incredible video that shows off one hilarious pitfall of adding an option to "Disable copyrighted music" to your game. Life is Strange, indeed.

Ben J

Destiny is not far off hitting a pretty spectacular milestone. Across Destiny and Destiny 2, the 187 million players of the game are on the brink of 10 billion hours played. Yes, that's billion with a b!  With Destiny releasing in 2013 and the sequel in 2017, that is a very impressive feat, and a lot of dead aliens...


In other news, remember Temple Run? I spent so many hours in my youth playing both Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Well, now a new Temple Run is on the way, but is a deviation from the original titles infinite running style. 8 years on from Temple Run 2, the new title is a puzzle based game where players will need to match 3 items with each other. Imangi, the developer of Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure have said that the game has been in the works for over two years and will arrive this week bearing over 1,000 levels. The move to a more puzzle based style could be an indication as to where mobile playing habits is going. The game will release on Apple Arcade


Also, yesterday was the Ukie AGM and MC/Develop IRL which a few of us from Etch Play attended. Both were great events and it was so nice to get back out into the real world and catch up with the amazing folks in our industry face to face. It's been a long time coming! 

Ben G

Are you a mobile gamer? If so, do you wear protection when you’re gaming?

I’m talking about thumb condoms gaming finger sleeves and you wear them on your fingers or thumbs to improve your grip. Whilst they’re nothing new (a quick Amazon search reveals plenty of different sellers offering a variety of different rubbers), this week Razer have joined the party.

“Lightweight and breathable”, Razer’s finger sleeves are made from 35% silver fiber fabric, 60% nylon and 5% spandex, the “smooth, high-sensitivity fabric” will help you feel every touch.

On the surface, this does seem a little silly. But, given the mobile gaming industry is now worth an estimated $15.1 billion, there will definitely be some level of market demand for this sort of product.

The Razer gaming finger sleeves are available to buy right now for £9.99. One size fits all.



Yesterday, as Ben highlighted we took a trip to London to see our friends at Ukie for the AGM. The formalities of the AGM were followed by the Best Places To Work Awards which were a fantastic celebration of some of the UK's most supportive, progressive and creative environments for games development and adjacent activities.

The full ceremony is available in the video below and is a great initiative to recognise the many amazing games businesses here in the UK whilst at the same time, being a call to arms to work on the issues that can still be improved.


Such a celebration is a big motivator for me to ensure that we at Etch Play offer a positive contribution to sector and will be setting our sights on a presence in a future round!

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