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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

This week has accidentally turned into a bit of a Nintendo edition, which I for one have absolutely no problem with! But that's not all we have, there is also flight simulator excitement and a new take on game expos. Take a read, and let us know what caught your attention this week. 


My favourite story this week was about Brian Provinciano's quest to release Shakedown: Hawaii on the Wii. Yes, the Wii. In 2020. I really enjoyed the insight into his creative process and learning about the quirks of Nintendo's publishing requirements.




In the wake of expo season being obliterated by COVID-19, prolific indie publisher Devolver, have taken things in a different direction. Devolverland is a free to play "marketing simulator" that puts players in an evacuated conference centre, within which you can see trade stands for many of Devolver's upcoming line-up and watch trailers. What's particularly fascinating is Devolverland was the second most popular item released on Steam this week and is getting a very positive reception in reviews and on social media.



Ben J

As I have mentioned a few times in these roundups, I LOVE the Nintendo 64, and one of my favourite games to play on it is F-Zero X. Many hours of my childhood were spent in my trusty Red Gazelle racing my brother across the hardest tracks in the galaxy. So I was particularly excited to read that Nintendo seem to have registered a new F-Zero account on twitter, indicating that perhaps are going to reignite the franchise. I'll be watching and waiting to see what happens next, I'd love a new game. In the meantime, meet me in Mute City!



I've posted about it before, but this week Microsoft finally revealed when we can get our hands on the new edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator - August 18th! This, along with a new trailer and collectors edition information has me excited, it's a lot sooner than I expected too, I was thinking it would be coming closer to the holidays. And because it's included in Xbox Game Pass, it'll be an instant download for me.




This week saw the release of the 11th major update to No Man's SkyThe Desolation Update. It's great to see the reaction to the awesome patch note pages, which we're proud to work on with Hello Games, and even cooler to see what they have been adding to the game. It's a testament to the Hello Games crew how much additional free content they have put out over the years to keep constantly improving the game! 



Ben G

This year is the 35th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System (Yikes! Why do I always post stuff that makes me feel old?). To celebrate, LEGO are releasing a brick version of the NES that you can load cartridges into and a retro TV that actually side-scrolls! If I had loads of money a large chunk of it would probably go on LEGO, but as this is currently priced at $230... This YouTube video will have to do.



That's your lot folks, we're over and out. We'd love to hear what's been going on with you this week, so be sure to let us know over on Twitter. And if you can't wait another week to see us, head on over to check us out on YouTube and Twitch. Until next time ✌

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