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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

Last night was The Game Awards, find out below what caught the team's attention the most. As well as that we also have some potentially surprising console sales news and a shout out to Hellmann's. Yes, you read that right. 


We all know The Game Awards were last night, and as always we get some surprise trailers. I mentioned on our live show yesterday that I was looking forward to what we might get a peek at, and what has me most hyped is Endless Dungeon. I've been playing games in the "Endless" franchise for a long time, and Dungeon of the Endless is probably my favourite multiplayer roguelike. So to hear it's getting a spiritual successor has me excited to give it a whirl!



As we draw closer to the end of 2020, we're starting to reflect on the year we've had. This piece from VICE explores how the year of COVID-19 has had an impact on some of the most popular games of the year.



Congratulations to my favourite game, Animal Crossing New Horizons for winning Best Family Game at The Game Awards! And congratulations to Hellmann’s mayonnaise (not something I ever thought I’d write) for this creative campaign, featuring their own Hellmann’s Island on Animal Crossing. As well as creating a seriously cool looking 5-star island that players can visit using DodoCodes, for each spoiled turnip visitors drop off, they're donating 2 meals to FareShare, a charity fighting hunger and tackling food waste.


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And the top-selling console for November is... Nintendo Switch! The Switch and Switch Lite combined to sell 1.35 million units. Whilst this is impressive in itself, Nintendo also managed to achieve it in the same timeframe as the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. The popularity of the Switch reached another huge milestone last month, too, as it became the best-selling console in the US for 24 consecutive months.

nintendo switch


Yesterday was The Game Awards, which featured loads of exciting reveals and announcements, plus lots of well deserved award wins. I was thrilled to see long time partners of ours Hello Games, picking up the award for best ongoing game, No Man's Sky. It's amazing to see them still receiving recognition for the amazing and evolving game some 4+ years after initial launch. Congrats to the team!

no mans sky updates


As Joe and Dan mentioned, yesterday's Game Awards were full of some really interesting announcements. The thing that got me most excited though was a new Mass Effect trailer. It didn't reveal much about the game (we still don't even know what it'll be called!) but the fact that it exists is very exciting. And with the recently announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition it's a great time to be a fan of the series.


Ben J

So as may have been mentioned a few times above, it was The Game Awards last night. The Last of Us Part 2 took home the coveted Game of The Year Award, and absolutely dominated, picking up an award for just about every category it was nominated in. Techradar have put together this handy recap of all the winners and announcements if you didn't manage to stay up last night to take it all in. Congratulations to all the winner and nominees. It's been a tough year all round for everybody, so it's a nice way to end the year to celebrate so many fantastic games, studios and creators. 


Thanks for joining us for this week's roundup. Let us know what you found most exciting at last night's Game Awards by giving us a shout over on Twitter. We've checked out a number of the nominees from the awards this year over on our YouTube channel, so if you fancy seeing how we got on, go take a look!

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