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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

It was the PlayStation Showcase last night, so we're bringing you a few of the biggest announcements from the event. Not only that, we have an entry from Dan who is still technically on holiday (we can't keep him away) and some Football Manger news. Enjoy... 


Last night Sony took to the online stage to make some announcements and show off their upcoming games. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises was the reveal of a Knights of the Old Republic remake, as a console exclusive for the PlayStation 5.

The original KOTOR is a beloved Star Wars game and arguably one of the best games of all time. It was an Xbox console exclusive, so it's pretty surprising to see the title resurface with a level of PlayStation exclusivity. Developers Aspyr are promising a 'full rebuild' so it remains to be seen how much the final product will differ from the original, but we have a little teaser trailer to enjoy for now.


Speaking of old franchises - Psychonauts 2 finally launched last week, 16 years after Psychonauts 1. Despite being a cult classic, the original didn't perform well financially, so the mere existence of a sequel is something of a miracle. I've been playing it this week and I am so happy to report that not only is it miraculous that this game exists, it's also an exceptionally good game. You can get it on PC, PS4 or Xbox (and it's on Game Pass!) - it's well worth your time.

Ben J 

Insomniac Games had a busy night at the PlayStation Showcase, with two games to announce. The developer has already successfully brought Spider-Man and Spider-Man Myles Morales to PlayStation, and now Spider-Man 2 is on the way, set for a 2023 release. Both of the previous game's Spider-Men (Spider-Mans?), Peter Parker and Myles Morales, will feature. Not only that, Spider-Man 2 is also bringing Venom to the party!


But as well as rather unsurprisingly continuing the Spider-Man franchise, we were however shocked by the second title from Insomniac Games that was announced last night. Marvel fan favourite: Wolverine. We didn't get to see much from the cinematic style trailer that was revealed, but it looks like it could be a dark, gritty, story-driven affair.


We're yet to know a release date for Wolverine, but I'd be surprised if it beat Spider-Man 2 to the shelves, so it's likely to be a 2023 release. It's times like these that console exclusives disappoint me, as I really want to play these games but I'm an Xbox guy. Who knows, maybe by 2023 PS5s will have dropped low enough in price for me to justify adding it to my console collection 👀


This week, I've been taking a week off to explore the beautiful Devonshire South coast.

Devonshire Coast

I have however also managed to check out Breathedge, which is newly released to Game Pass. I've only just started but it's off to a good start with some heavy, self-aware satire (not dissimilar to the recent Outer Worlds 2 trailer we've covered on Game Marketing Campaigns). It's a comedy survival game where you're stranded on a space station wreckage alone... Except for an invincible chicken. 

breathedge keyart


Yesterday Xbox announced that the new iteration of Football Manager will be released on November 9th, with it being available to Xbox Game Pass users from day 1. Football manager games are notoriously hard to navigate due to their complexity, however the announcement states the game takes full advantage of the controller making navigation a breeze.

I've not played a football managerial game in a while, so it being available on Game Pass is a huge incentive to pick up the game. Back in July the game creators shared their plans for introducing women's football in to the world of Football Manager, which is going to be a multi-year project and a step in the right direction.

photo of mocap women's football

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