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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

This week we are getting excited at the prospect of the revival of one of our favourite franchises, enjoying the story of a 6 year old leak that went unnoticed, we're proud of an app we worked on, and much, much more. Dive in, have fun, and let us know what's been going on with you this week!


My friend sent me some exciting news that Microsoft renewed the Fable trademark which confirms the possibility of a new Fable title. Looks like I'm a little behind as there were already rumours of Fable 4 out in the wild. When we worked on the website for Fable Legends it was such a shame that the plug got pulled and the game never made it to release. The fan base for the game are really passionate so I hope there is a Fable 4 and that it's awesome!

fable legends


This week it was discovered that Young Horses accidentally revealed Bugsnax six years ago - the story is a fascinating look at how some studios experiment and settle on what to produce.

I also wanted to highlight this piece in Wired which examines the streaming industry in the wake of Mixer's shutdown.

bugsnax screenshot


I'm very excited to announce that the ABRSM Piano Scales Trainer app that I've been working on has been released into the app store this week.

This app helps students to practice their piano scales skills and covers all scales requirements at Grades 1-5 from the new syllabus requirements (2021 onwards).

During the development of this project we had some technical challenges around React Native and the audio processing which is always fun for developers to find a solution for. I'm very happy to see it out in the wild now!


After a long run of quite a decent amount of game time, I've put the controller down this past week. Fortunately, the wider digital world around games has kept me busy. Notably, ICO Partners have released their annual "State of Kickstarter" round up which is a very interesting read, highlighting the impact of the global pandemic on crowd funding campaigns. 

This week has also seen Limit Break kicking off, a mentorship initiative aimed at people of underrepresented genders in the UK games industry. Mentors (of which I am fortunate to be one) have been paired with their aspiring mentees and are having introductory chats to explore how we can best help. So far it's a great program with a fantastic community behind it that I'm looking forwards to contributing to. 

limit break

Ben J

Earlier in the week I noticed #ThanksToVideoGames trending on Twitter, and I wasn't sure whether this was going to be a positive or a negative thread. I was pleasantly greeted with a raft of mostly positive tweets, ranging from incredibly wholesome tweets from people who have been able to express their true selves, or gotten through tough times through playing video games, found new friendships and even love, as well as some very funny memes. Because who doesn't love a meme? We can't pretend everything is all rosey and right with the world of video games, but it is genuinely heartwarming when the positive side of games is showcased. 

Ben G

Microsoft have announced their next event for the Xbox Series X which will be the Xbox Games Showcase on the 23rd of July. Hopefully the reception to this will be better than the last one, which wasn't a bad event, it just wasn't the best idea to market it as a gameplay event, then show minimal gameplay 👀. Be sure to check out our roundup in a couple of weeks, as I'm sure we'll be covering the big things that come out of the Showcase... In fact, check out the roundup every week, it's great! 

xbox showcase


This week, Geoff Keighley unveiled the Final Hours of Half Life: Alyx - it's packed full of insights into how Valve operates, and tantalising details about a couple of threequels that have yet to see the light of day. You can get the whole thing here, or you can read about some of the reveals on Ars Technica

final hours of half life

Ben T

I spotted this cool collab between Adidas and Pokémon this week, which is a great example of a brand using gaming as a way to reach wider audiences. It's something more brands should be looking to do, as the potential is huge - as long as it is an authentic and natural fit!


That's us out for another week folks. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you all again next week. If you can't wait a whole week to get more from Etch Play, you can find us on Twitter, check out some of our videos on YouTube, or hey we might even be streaming on Twitch

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