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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

This week we are feeling a need for speed, Fall guys has made a return to the roundup, and we have an Etch Play birthday coming up. Read all about it right below this sentence...


Finally it is the day… FIFA 21 is out. I’ve previously talked about the new features and improvements coming to the game. As my birthday is right around the corner I am treating myself to an early present and will be giving the game a go tonight!

Stay tuned for next week's roundup where I'll let you know how I got on.



This week Unity 2020.2 beta launched, and they've put a lot of effort into reworking one of the fundamental parts of modern game engines: calculating delta time. Delta time is the time it took your last frame to render, and using this as a calculation for a lot of things helps split up frame rates from gameplay. Or else you end up with glitches like this...

From their findings it seems like this change will not only help with smoother gameplay, but it will also help reduce input lag, which is a pretty common gripe for gamers.

They've written a blog post all about it, and I highly suggest checking it out!


This week Stellar Entertainment and Criterion finally confirmed that they're releasing a remaster of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Although some fans would disagree, for my money Hot Pursuit is the best Need for Speed game, pitting criminals in supercars against police who are authorised to use extreme force to bring them to justice. And you get to play as both! Whether you loved it first time around, or missed it, you'll have your chance to burn some rubber when it launches on November 6th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Don't worry if you have a Switch, as it will be on the console, but just released slightly later on November 13th .



This week I've been spending a bit more time playing Hades, the recent huge success from Supergiant Games . The game is deservedly getting a lot of praise after almost two years of the developers making improvements while the game has been in Early Access.

What I've found interesting is that on my first play session, my view was a simple "this is cool", but after a few more hours with the game I'm now totally engrossed. The main gameplay loop is intentionally repetitive, but layers on additional mechanics, features and dialogue with each repetition making the game more addictive.

It's great to see an example of a title that added genuine value through leveraging the Early Access approach, and Supergiant are more than deserving of the success they're seeing.

hades game


I had the sheer joy of playing Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch with some friends recently. It was pure, mindless fun, and in classic Mario games style, the frontrunner (always Etch Play’s Adam Burt) never actually won. It was the light-hearted fun we all needed, with IRL socialising being a rare treat this year.

super mario party

Ben G

Fall Guys! Remember that? Are you still playing it? (I must admit that I haven't in weeks). Yesterday, Mediatonic launched season two and with it comes four new medieval-themed stages and a new mode selector.


The new mode selector allows you to choose between races-only, or the normal show with survival and team rounds included.

Season two is definitely enough to entice me back to the game. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the season one stages have been tweaked to make them more difficult. That is, until someone throws me off a ledge in Slime Climb again...

Ben J

It's been reported this week that the PS5 will likely be delayed from launching in India... Because they don't own the PS5 trademark! Apparently a Delhi resident, called Hitesh Aswani, filed a trademark for the PS5 name in India in October 2019, with PlayStation only applying for the intellectual right in February 2020. 

This has now meant that the option to make pre-orders hasn't even been available in India, and everything has stalled until this can be resolved. 

I can't see that Sony won't eventually get hold of the Trademark, but what a weird thing to happen. I bet they're a bit more on top of things when the PS6 is on the horizon 🙈


That's your lot for this week folks. If you want to see more from us, we do a  live Twitch show on Thursdays at 4pm where we cover news, play games and discuss videogame marketing - we'd love for you to join us there. As always, you can also find us on  YouTube  and Twitter

Have a great weekend 👋

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