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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

This week we're actually on a company retreat, but we couldn't leave you hanging without our weekly roundup. Well, unless the scheduled publishing decides not work on me! This week we've got secret cafés, DLC updates and a portable screen for the Xbox Series S. Enjoy..


This week Ludeon announced that their hit game Rimworld will not only be getting another huge free update, but also a new DLC too! The free update looks to spice up the meta of the game a little with new ways for AI to breach bases as well as some quality of life improvements, like your colonists carrying medicine, and formations.

The DLC itself, like the last, focuses on a single theme, in this case its all about ideology. The new features seem to allow players to create their own religions, with their own rituals, gods, beards, and even holy animal. It really seems like its going to add a lot to people who enjoy roleplaying their colony in certain styles. Sadly Ludeon didn't give us a release date, but they did say that this news post isn't all the content they've got, so expect more soon.

rimworld ideology artwork

Ben J

For any long time followers of the Etch Play roundup, you'll know I am a massive Nintendo fan. Well, today I learned that there is a secret Nintendo themed café in Japan... And it looks amazing! 84, is run by a former Nintendo employee, Toru Hashimoto, which has actually been open for years, but is in a secret location which up until recently was only a hangout spot for those in the industry. However, the café is now open to the public, but with the caveat that the location has to remain a secret so that others can enjoy the fun of trying to find it. 

This looks like a really cool place, and somewhere I'd definitely have a lot of fun spending a few hours revelling in the heaps of memorabilia and totally unique items stored at the café. Looks like I'm going to have to do some convincing of Dan as to the value of a company retreat to Japan to visit Super Nintendo World and find this café!


Ben G

A new portable monitor for the Xbox Series S is proving to be extremely popular, after meeting its Kickstarter funding goal in just 20 minutes. The xScreen by UPspec Gaming is an attachable monitor that turns the Xbox Series S into a laptop-like design, and allows you to play your Xbox Series S games when you can't connect your console to a TV or monitor.

photo of a portable xbox series s screen


Yesterday Ubisoft announced some leadership and operational changes within their Canada based Studios in Montreal and Quebec. They have also confirmed the existence of a future iteration of the franchise, Assassin's Creed Infinite. The games giant have cited the pandemic and shift to home-working as a catalyst for some of these recent changes.

"This change means we’re also evolving along with the video game industry. The pandemic and working from home have fundamentally changed the way we produce games, giving us a moment to reflect on our organization."

Industry press are predicting the franchise will evolve into more of an ongoing live service game, an assertion which seems logical based on recent trends in games. As a big fan of the franchise I'll be keen to follow updates on this next iteration and how far this expands on the DLC and events of the most recent release Valhalla.

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