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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

Happy March everyone! In this week's roundup we're talking about new ways of enjoying Valheim, congratulating the BAFTA Nominees and getting excited about the new Nintendo Switch rumours. 


This week saw the announcement of the nominees for this year's BAFTA Games Awards. It's a list which showcases and reflects the talent, hard work and dedication of developers from around the world under difficult working circumstances. Among the candidates are Etch Play favourites like Hades, Animal Crossing, and Spiritfarer - plus, we're thrilled that some of our friends have been nominated, including the talented folks at Hello Games and Sumo Digital Sheffield.

Wreckfest promotional image

Elsewhere, I've been playing Wreckfest, a recent addition to Game Pass which boasts ridiculous car crumpling physics and puts you behind the wheel in races which frequently explode into pure chaos. Hit us up on Twitter if you'd like a race!


So, here at Etch Play we are pretty familiar with Hidden Path, as Counter Strike Global Offensive dominated our lunchtimes for years. However, they've recently taken to Twitter with a post about hiring for a new project - an open-world Dungeons and Dragons RPG!

Wizards of the Coast announced a few years back that they had several games in development, which after the drought of them in the past decade was great news. However, I didn't expect Hidden Path to get one of them, and it sounds like it's an ambitious project too. There isn't much information yet, beyond the job postings, the genre and it being a "AAA" title, but I can't wait to get more information on it!


In an effort to make use of all the clothes that I haven't worn in the last year because of the lockdown, I've been wearing them to the morning video call meetings with the team this week. It was fun to see the reaction of colleagues when they saw me in clothes other than the usual hoody.

Today was a smart Friday theme for me!

Mobin dressed up all snazzy


It doesn't take long for a people to find alternative ways to play a game, especially one that is as popular as Valheim. Fans of the hit PvE game have created a PvP tournament to find out who is the ultimate Viking legend. The only hint of PvP in the game is the option to enable the ability to inflict damage on other players on the server, and it turns out that was enough to allow this tournament to happen.

The format is that two teams of 5 drop in as fresh characters and both head in different directions. They have an hour to gear up, build their base and do any recon. When building their base each player must build their beds together. Once the building phase has completed, each team will get to attack their opponents base with the aim of trying to destroy the other team's beds. If the attacking team fails to destroy the other teams bed then it's the defending team's turn to attack, this continues until one group has managed to destroy their rival's beds. Having played the game a fair bit, I'm intrigued as to how much a team of 5 can achieve with regards to gearing up and crafting a base within an hour.

Community efforts like this are fuel for breathing new life in to a game, especially one where people are rapidly racing through the available content within the game. The event is being streamed on Twitch on the 6th March. Money raised from the event will be going to AbleGames.

Ben J

Last weekend I picked up BioShock: The Collection as it was in the Switch sale. I'd never played any of the games, but having heard such good things about the franchise, I thought for £20 to get 3 games, why not? So far I've been tackling the first game in the series and am having a lot of fun with it, exploring the underwater city of Rapture. I have a pretty nervous disposition so I've had a few moments were I've been attacked out of nowhere which has sent my heart racing 🙈

Promotional art for BioShock: The Collection

Ben G

The secret is out! Nintendo is planning to release an upgraded Switch model this year, according to a new Bloomberg report. The new model will reportedly have a 7 inch screen (the current Switch is 6.2 inches) and will still output 720p in handheld mode, but be capable of 4K when hooked up to a TV. The report doesn't state a release date for this new Switch model, but Bloomberg's sources say it'll be here in time for the holidays. Start saving now.



This week I've been setting up my new garden office! I'm super excited to be able to get off my kitchen table and create an optimal work environment separate from my home. Some of you will have noticed the new background on this weeks' live show (which you can check out here).

Creating a separation between home and work is super valuable if you're able to. It's also a great opportunity for me to appease my geeky interests in hardware and video set up. Feel free to subscribe to our Twitch and Youtube channels to follow along the evolution of my little home studio. Next step is to attack the endless battle that is cable management. 😳

A photograph of Dan's new office setup

We hope you've had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend! Let us know what gaming news caught your attention this week, or what you've been playing by sending us a message on Twitter. If you're stuck for something to do this weekend, why not head over to our YouTube channel where we have loads of interviews with games industry experts, gameplay videos, and videogame marketing discussions. 

We also have a weekly live show on our Twitch channel, every Thursday at 4pm where we talk gaming news, play games, and discuss games marketing and the wider industry. Check our yesterdays episode right here 👇



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