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Ben Joy
Ben JoyBen keeps the Play Team ticking, helps clients define their digital offering and manages the unruly team. You’ll often find him hitting the golf course too.

In this week's roundup we're looking at the Marvel Snap roadmap, the Green Game Jam and the PSVR2.

Marvel Snap Battle Mode

Adam Burt

In the old days, when you launched a wildly successful videogame you could, relatively speaking, relax (a bit) after release. Maybe not in the marketing department. But before the era of internet connectivity, your developers would get a respite, before gradually starting up on a new project, or building up towards an expansion pack for the current game.

Nowadays, it's not enough to launch a hit, even a big one. The people want more, and they want it fast. We want updates! Such is the case with Marvel Snap, a popular card collecting game for mobile devices and Steam, which has gone from "this game rules" to "I wanna play against my friends" in the space of about two weeks.

Now, the team at Second Dinner have made it official - a "Battle Mode" for playing against friends is coming in "this calendar year". There's not much of this year left, so essentially this means it's coming very soon.


Green Game Jam 2022

Pete Keating

Ubisoft are participating in the 2022 Green Game Jam, with various games getting involved in the event which this year is focusing on Food, Forests and our Future. There are 4 games participating which are Brawlhalla, Hungry Shark World, Rocksmith+ and Trackmania.

Ecologi is an organisation focused on reducing carbon emissions and reforestation. Brawlhalla will be supporting Ecologi by donating proceeds from an in-game emote where the character will plant a small Yggdrasil tree. Trackmania are also supporting Ecologi by having a contest where Ubisoft donated to Ecologi every time a tree was planted by track creators. On the weekend of November 11th & November 13th the top 3 tracks from the contest will be the featured tracks and streamers are promoted to raise money for Ecologi. Lastly Rocksmith+ are holding a special event called "Tonewood" which will show videos and cosmetics to raise awareness of the impact of wood selecting and harvesting for instruments. The game has also committed from November 2nd to February 2nd to plant a tree for every 5 in-game interactions with the Tonewood video and cosmetics.

Glowing Glowing Gone is an organisation focused on protecting Coral Reefs by raising awareness and funding. Hungry Shark World will have a new game mode, Protect the Baby Shark, which will be available from November 8th to November 30th.


Dan's PlayStation conundrum

Dan Thomas

I've got some important financial decisions to make next week.

God of War Ragnarök is launching on 9th November and as a huge fan of the franchise, I'm totally bought into the hype from the reviews (currently sat at 94 on Metacritic). It's certainly high on my priority list of games to check out.

I have so far however, not dived into the latest generation of consoles and am contemplating whether this is the tipping point for my at least trying to pick up a PS5. Whilst the game is going to be available for my current PS4 Pro, it does feel a shame to not experience the full-fat version of such a big release.

For further contemplation though, is the upcoming release of the PSVR2 coming in February 2023. I could of course wait for that, but with the prices announced to be £530, this would make a new PS5 and PSVR2 plus a copy of God of War Ragnarök, set me back best part of £1100. Ouch... Maybe there's a bit more life in the old PS4 yet...



Mehdi Miah

When the new PlayStation VR headset was previously announced it got me hyped!

Recently the latest announcement contains all of the main details we need to know about the PSVR2... Price and release date. Let's be honest, nobody though it would be hitting the shelves for a long time because of the chip shortage but there does seems to be light at the end of the tunnel!

So for the details... Well, you're looking to be set back around £529.99. Oof, that's a lot of money, even more than the PS5 itself.. (currently around £479.99). I cant tell whether everything is expensive now, or as a kid I just never noticed. But you aren't getting mugged for this price. The VR2 is an unreal piece of tech and in this price you're getting the headset itself, two motion controllers and headphones. So no needing to buy the other parts separate, it's all in one box which is great.


The release is on 22 February 2023 and preorders are believed to start on the 11th of November. If it's anything like the PS5 release you best set your calendars now!

Surprisingly on launch there will be around 20 games available. Which wasn't the case when the PS5 came out. But I'm talking BIG games, like Sony exclusive titles. Guerrilla have created Horizon Call Of The Mountain, which will put you in the eyes of the hero Aloy as she climbs rock faces and fights robotic creatures. The game can be added to the PSVR2 order for an extra £40. I wont be thinking twice about ordering that to come with my PSVR2.

I cant wait to get my hands on this roll on 22 February 2023!!!


IRL & 30 under 30

Ben Joy

Please forgive me for being incredibly self indulgent this week...

Wednesday night was the return of last year's successful games industry event, IRL, organised by MCV/Develop. It was great to be back around so many folks from the industry, catching up with friends, new and old!

As part of the event this year's MCV 30 under 30 list was announced, and I'm thrilled to say I was actually selected! It's a massive honour and one I'm incredibly grateful for, so thank you to everyone who nominated me, and congrats to the other 29 amazing individuals who were selected! 🙌


More Etch Play

As well as being in various places on the internet, every Thursday at 4PM we're live on Twitch, covering all the latest industry news and also playing interesting games. This week Adam and Ben took on the Twitch chat in a game of Stream Animals. Check it out below... 


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