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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

Happy Friday! This week we're bringing you a guide to the upcoming gaming events, a new console from Atari, an early access micromanagement sim, and much more...

Ben J

I've been following the Atari VCS journey since it was first announced back in June of 2017 and went through an Indiegogo crowdfunding exercise. Well, 4 years later, the console is finally about to be able to be purchased. On June 15th (incidentally the last day of E3, however I don't think they'll have an E3 presence), the console will see it's official retail release. Indiegogo backers started having the console shipped to them back in December. The base edition is retailing at $300 and $400 for the All-In version. If you're wondering what sort of games you can play on the VCS, the official website states "The Atari VCS game store is loaded with great modern and classic games, including Antstream Arcade’s huge retro library, unique indie favorites, HD game streaming services, and PC Mode to load almost any existing game collection."

I didn't put my money where my mouth was, but after following along with the trials and tribulations of this console trying to get to market, I'm happy to see it has finally made it!



It's the calm before the storm, isn't it? This week has had a relatively light news cycle as publishers and studios prepare for a big summer of games announcements, kicking off next week with the Summer Games Fest live stream and quickly followed by an all-digital E3.

The shows to watch out for? We've got you covered. Here's a handy guide to the biggest and most exciting live streams you can watch in early June!

Guerrilla Collective: June 5th, 4pm BST
Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live: June 10th, 7pm BST
Koch Primetime: June 11th, 8pm BST
Ubisoft Forward: June 12th, 8pm BST
Guerrilla Collective: June 12th, 4pm BST
Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase: June 13th, 6pm BST

summer game fest-2021

Ben G

If you're a fan of micromanagement sims, as I am, then there's a game on Steam's top-selling charts that might be right up your street. Going Medieval, an early access game from developer Foxy Voxel, plonks you back in the dark ages at the end of the 14th century. The world has been ravaged by plague and 95% of the global population has perished. You are tasked with managing a small group of surviving settlers, some basic supplies, an empty field, and that's it! Build your colony and survive a turbulent Medieval age.

It's great to see small teams of developers reaching the summit of Steam's top sellers list and I'm seriously tempted to get this. Our social lives can wait a little longer, right?

Going Medieval key art


Inspired by Adam's coverage of it on the live show a couple of weeks back, my wife and I have been playing The Wild At Heart this week. It's an absolutely charming, beautiful action adventure and puzzle game. It's a great example of one of my favourite types of game that introduces some interesting new mechanic (in this case, utilising a small army of "spritelings" to solve various challenges) and then exhausts those mechanics in a myriad of interesting and creative ways. The artwork is stunning, narrative endearing and music is lovely. A fantastic game from Portland based indie studio Moonlight Kids that's currently on Game Pass and well worth a look.


I recently picked up Mass Effect: Legendary Edition which is a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy. The games aren’t that old (the first game came out in 2008 and the third in 2012) but gaming has come a long way since then, so being able to replay these games in glorious 4K has been great. I’m currently playing through the second game after finishing the first a few days ago and I’ve really enjoyed revisiting the series. Each game allows the player to make decisions throughout which affect the direction of the story and the fate of certain characters. I love the freedom of being able to approach the story how you want to and having an experience that’s different from anyone else’s (even though I just end up making the exact same decisions on each play through).

mass effect legendary edition key art

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