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Ben Joy
Ben Joy

This week in the roundup we're celebrating a 30th birthday, world records, and  #OneSpecialDay. Enjoy...

One Special Day

Today is #OneSpecialDay, a day where the global gaming community comes together to raise funds for projects that benefit disabled gamers. There is a lot going on: Steam sales, merchandise, game jams, the One Special Game contest, and more! 

For more information of everything that is going on, check out the One Special Day website. If you can get involved in any way, it's a fantastic cause, and if are able to donate, you can do so here: 



Sid Meier's Civilization is celebrating it's 30th birthday this month, which is an incredible achievement. To celebrate, Firaxis Games are giving fans challenges and surprises over the next few months. This started with a blog post by Sid Meier's himself where he explained what has made the game so popular for all this time. Included in the blog post is an anniversary trailer that shows clips from all the different versions of the game highlighting the drastic changes from the first iterations of the game to the latest release, Civilization VI. The fact the game is now 30 years old does make me feel old, as the last time I played the game was Civilization II. I used to pour hours into that, so it might be time for me to pick up the newest version and join in the celebration.


Ben G

Fall Guys, the fun platform battle royale from Mediatonic, is now officially in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time.

Mediatonic announced the news on their website: “It’s safe to say that we’ve had our fair share of utterly surprising (but delightful!) moments since Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout stumbled into the world. From BAFTA nominations to a full-on bean-based ESPN documentary, those adorable beans have cropped up in some incredible places! Well, now the team are going to have to start amending their bucket list, as we can joyfully reveal that Fall Guys have made it into…The Guinness Book of World Records!”

Now into its fifth season, Fall Guys recently celebrated its first birthday. It’s launching on Switch, Xbox One and Series X/S later this year. Check out the trailer for season five below.



This week, Outer Wilds received it's first (and likely only) piece of DLC: Echoes of the Eye.

Opinions on the internet are mostly positive, but there are warnings that the new story, hidden within the base game, is far scarier than the original. Given the brutal and lonely void of space already makes me sweat with anxiety, I'm not sure I can handle it. Are you jumping in?


Ben J

If you caught last week's roundup, we were talking about Netflix acquiring the Roald Dahl Story Company and how this could possibly mean a Willy Wonka game. Well this week Netflix have officially acquired their first games studio, in the form of Night School Studio, who are known for Oxenfree.

Netflix are in the early stages of entering the videogames industry, and we don't really know much of their plans or how it will all play out. What we do know is "Netflix's games offering will be included as part of the service's already existing membership and confirmed that it will come without ads or in-app purchases", according to Netflix's VP of game development Mike Verdu.

Night School Studio have confirmed they will continue to work on Oxenfree 2, but it we'll be watching this space to see how the pieces of Netflix's gaming puzzle start to come together over the next few years.



This week I've been exploring the two conflicting worlds of crypto games AND green games initiatives. Crytpo, blockchain and their application in games is the current hype train from an investment and headlines perspective. Vancouver based Dapper Labs have recently raised another $250 million and just announced a partnership with the NFL. This adds another heavyweight brand to it's already hugely successful NBA Top Shots app, an NFT trading card platform.

But with all the excitement and dollar signs flying around, the industry is under heavy scrutiny too with some severe concerns over the environmental impact of crypto and blockchain technologies.  Bitcoin alone is reported to consume an equivalent energy use as that of a small country, certainly no small amount. Supporters however suggest a reasonable comparison is that with other global monetary currencies which balances things out somewhat but is of course a highly contentious view.

It's a deep and interesting topic with masses of arguments and subjectivity on both sides. Ultimately from a games perspective, there is a question mark as to the true value-add the the actual game-playing experience that can't be achieved through traditional means but there's certainly plenty more still to play out.

For an interesting exploration of one of the biggest crypto games of the moment, Will Luton of Department of Play offers an insightful and informative deconstruction of Axie Infinity over on their blog.


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