Designing a new investment interface


The challenge

It could be argued that over the last five years more has changed in the online experience of finance organisations than in any other industry.

Where we used to be content just being able to view our balances and transaction history online, we now expect a fuller online relationship with our money and the organisation we entrust with it. Small challenger banks have given larger high street mammoths a lesson in giving customers an excellent online experience, and the latest research shows people are making more financial transactions on mobile devices than traditional channels.

Old Mutual Wealth already offered their customers and financial advisers space online to manage their investments, but came to us to see how they could benefit from applying the latest digital innovations and design thinking to be confident they were delivering a first-class experience online.

The approach

The online customer centre provides all the secure services for customers with Old Mutual Wealth financial products as well as being the place where financial adviser teams can manage their customer accounts.

Talking with groups of customers and advisers about how they used the current platform informed us of the areas which were working well, the pain points that could be improved as well as the most frequent actions performed online.

A project of this scale would only be successful through collaboration with multiple teams, across multiple disciplines. We worked closely with Old Mutual Wealth to integrate our design thinking alongside the technical capabilities of the development team to create a set of design principles which could be applied to all the required screen templates. Key customer journeys were split into design sprints, allowing the teams to use an Agile methodology which built-in the process of continued learning and iteration as the sprints progressed.

The outcome

Our approach allowed us to identify the user needs, apply and test our designs with customers and advisers, iterate on our ideas as we progressed and finally create a set of UX principles which the development team could apply throughout all Old Mutual Wealth’s digital services.

The new layouts and standards gave the flexibility to increase the range of services Old Mutual Wealth offered online as well as allowing all processes to work fluidly across screen sizes, devices and platforms. The new interface and features will launch in 2018.

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