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The challenge

In January 2015, the NCC wanted to launch this campaign and so the Freedom to Go campaign was born.

Etch were only brought on board the project in late October so we had just under 8 weeks to do everything... no small challenge!

Our goal was to understand how to decrease the average age of leisure vehicle ownership by five years, whilst increasing new entrants into the market. To do that we aimed to turn the perception of camping and caravanning on its head and illustrate the appeal of this type of holiday to modern families and adventurous travellers alike.

The approach

From the very start we spoke to the audience, undertook research, created the online personas with their ‘jobs to be done’ and developed a world class user journey.

This all helped to create a beautiful responsive site which championed this initiative and gave a real opportunity to demonstrate how this fantastic leisure pursuit gives people the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors.

The outcome

Since the launch of the new website The Freedom to Go database has grown by over 75,000 new customers. We’ve also helped drive over 1.5 million new visitors to the site who viewed over 4 million pages*.

Database signups and visitor numbers continue to increase month on month as we iterate and develop the site further to improve the user experience. We also work with the inhouse Etch marketing team to continue driving the traffic to the site.

*Figures from Sept 17

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