UX design

We design with our users front of mind to uncover new behaviours. We use this to create relevant, useful and engaging design that drives growth for businesses and impacts lives.

What is UX Design?

The experience your customers have with your product forms the foundations of relationship that they have with you. Experiences of products should be aimed at delighting your customers and helping them get where they need to be. Happy customers equals a happy business!

Here at Etch, we dive deep to research existing and future markets, competitors, audiences, user behaviours, and even specific points of interaction to discover exactly what it is that makes your customers tick. 

As part of our process, we create journey maps, user archetypes, content strategies, design principles, and technical considerations to create a foundation and rationale for the overall vision.

All of these exercises combined helps us push forward and produce the blueprints for a meaningful product, that turns pain points into trigger points that lead to behaviour change.

Information architecture

The purpose of an information architecture in a website, application, or other project, is to help users understand where they are, what they’ve found, what’s around, and what to expect.

The structure of any IA depends on various factors.

IA becomes the blueprint of the design structure which can be generated into wireframes and sitemaps for your project. Our team uses IA to effectively plan the navigation for a product we are working on.


UX Design

Here are a few of our favourite projects that UX design has taken to the next level

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