Research and Insights

All the best products begin with a great research & discovery phase. We utilise a blend of qualitative and quantitive research techniques, that enable us to highlight insights, understand our audience and challenge assumptions so that we can create the best products.

Behavioural Analysis and persona creation

Personas are fictional, yet realistic, descriptions of typical or target users of a product. The idea of personas is to humanise the users you're building for. Personas help make us human-centred decisions by bringing a human touch and ensuring that users are at the forefront of any team discussion or decision.

Visualising the attitudes and behaviours of the people that will be using a product or service helps teams to align on a deep understanding of end users.

Ethnographic studies

Ethnography involves trying to understand how people live their lives. Rather than invite those that we are designing for into our lab, we go to them.  Observing and listening to your audience in a non-directed fashion allows us to understand people’s behaviour on their terms, not ours. While this observational method may appear inefficient, it gives us insight into the context in which our audience would use a new product and the meaning it might hold in their lives.

Usability evaluation and heuristic analysis

Imagine you run a website. You know that your customers find you on google and that they interact with various areas of your site. They even get started on your checkout process. But at some point, they do not convert and it can be difficult to pinpoint why. It might be time to update the information architecture, or rework your micro copy to nudge customers. How do you know what needs rejigging and what does not?

A thorough design review is particularly useful if you're trying to shift to a new strategy for your user experience. Our independent position allows us to evaluate your designs from a fresh perspective.

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