getting started

Whether it's a brochure or eCommerce site or a complex business application, all of our projects begin with a requirements workshop to understand the user, business and technical requirements of the product and the scope of work being undertaken.

Product sprints

We then work in product sprints of 4 days. On the first and second day, we collaborate with our partners to define the challenges, create solutions and define the storyboard on how the product will work for its users.

Then on the third day, we build the high-fidelity clickable prototype and set up the user tests, with the fourth day’s session conducting the user tests and using the feedback to create clear next steps.

The output is a prototype and style guide which provides a feel for how a few of the products' pages and components will look but not all. This enables us to get into the browser and begin building something tangible as early as possible, avoiding design feedback loops and ensuring an efficient use of your budget.

In our development sprints, we take a component based approach to the build, creating a suite of reusable components that provide the flexibility to create pages around your content as the product evolves.

Throughout a project we also work in close consultation with our in-house digital marketing team to ensure SEO is considered from product inception through to go-live and beyond.

Tried and tested

Our approach is one that's been refined through the delivery of many products and most importantly ensures that users are placed at the heart of everything we do.

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