Digital marketing strategy

At Etch we work totally in partnership with our clients, which means we work together to achieve your goals.

Our approach starts with your customer and their path-to-purchase, rather than a specific marketing channel. We take the time to understand your customers and ensure we’re using the right channel and messaging.

From our experience across industries, we know that the modern customer journey is very complex – and that your digital marketing strategies will need to reflect this.

We’ll focus on the key moments that can help inspire people to go to your website, visit your stores and buy your products.

PROSPER framework

We use the PROSPER framework for our digital marketing and content projects. It’s a jargon-free panning model designed to help marketers create consistent work in a digital world.

The framework was devised by Econsultancy as an alternative to the SOSTAC model, and takes into account initial consideration of assets, resources and competitive context.

We use this strategy framework not only to present our findings, but also to show how we got there. This ensures you have everything you need to generate the best possible results.

Digital marketing strategy

Our digital marketing strategies fully reflect your SMART objectives and demonstrate how we measure and evaluate all activity we undertake.

Depending on your goals, we will recommend utilising a mixture of channels, including but not limited to, paid and organic social media, paid and organic search, content marketing and digital PR.

We develop assumed personas to ensure your digital marketing activity hits the mark.

Social media strategy

At the heart our social media strategy, we place hot triggers in the pathways of motivated people (our assumed personas) and provide them the ability to perform a target behaviour – such as signing up to a marketing permission, or opening an account.

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