Analytics and call tracking

Etch’s entire digital marketing team is trained in using a number of analytics platforms for campaign monitoring and evaluating, as well as planning new marketing activities.

We have experience of managing analytics of both ecommerce and non-revenue-driving sites of all sizes.


Our reporting on digital marketing channels is second to none.

We utilise NinjaCat, an industry-leading PPC, SEO and social media tool, to deliver in-depth automated reports to our clients. These can pull in from a number of platforms, including Google Analytics, AdWords and Facebook.  

Reports can be delivered weekly, monthly, annually or ad-hoc, and all clients on monthly digital marketing retainers receive free access to this service.

Call tracking

Call tracking can be used to boost campaigns and help your marketing budget go that bit further.

We have experience across a number of leading call tracking tools, with the know-how to optimise your campaigns. As a tactic, call tracking can be what takes your campaign conversions to the next level.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

 We’re also fully tooled-up with Adobe Marketing Cloud, the complete set of integrated digital marketing solutions.

This means we can manage and optimise your marketing campaigns with:

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