Tristan's Quiz

In response to the isolation some people may feel during the current crisis, we started an online quiz.

We host one every weekday at 1pm, presented by our very own Tristan White, and we encourage all staff to participate. Everyone is encouraged to bring friends, family and clients into the fold.

To watch along, we all gather on a video call on Zoom. This allows us to see our eponymous host, and hear his (rather special) theme tune before we begin. If you'd like to join us on Zoom, ask an Etcher for the secret room code!

One of our quizzes in progress

The quiz itself is hosted on (Our code is 045611 if you want to join!), which shares questions and allows users to answer on their computer or other device. You've only got a few seconds to answer, and answering quickly can give you bonus points.

The winner of every quiz receives a £10 food delivery voucher from us.

It's been a huge success so far, and regularly attracts dozens of players a day.