Remote Film Screenings

Here at Etch, we love a film.

We have a cinema club, which organises regular visits to our local Showcase Cinema in Southampton. And we have niche film clubs too, based around interests such as Disney and the IMDb Top 250 films.

A man watching TV

As cinemas are currently closed, and gatherings not permitted, all of our film groups have pivoted from their original formats and are now offering remote screenings.

Here's how it works: We gather on a video call, using Zoom as our primary software. Then, we bring up the film on a popular streaming service, such as Netflix.

Picture of a remote in front of a television playing Netflix

Finally, we let the film buffer, pause it at the 0:00 timestamp and simply all press play at the same time. We use a countdown to count people in and make sure they press play at the exact right moment. We mute ourselves for the duration of the film, then un-mute at the end to discuss our thoughts and opinions on the film we've watched.

There are other options for collaboratively watching films, such as the Chrome plugin Netflix Party, although this only works if all participants intend to watch the film in a Chrome browser.

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