iOS13 (including Apple Arcade) is here!

Mobin Zadeh Kochak
Mobin Zadeh Kochak
Developer 27 Sep 20192 minutes read

Mobin's been playing with iOS13, and he has some thoughts...

This week, I finally got the iOS 13 upgrade, which was released officially last week. Here's a rundown of some of the key features iOS users will now get to enjoy.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode option gives users a dark colour scheme for the whole device and any supported apps. It is great for low-light environments.

Examples of "dark mode" in iOS13

Performance and usability improvements

iOS just got quicker. The built-in face detection and the Apple applications such as Photos, Maps, Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Files, Homekit, Siri and Messages, all got performance improvements, and the usability of them got improved significantly. You can read a list of all the improvements here.

Privacy and Security

App location, Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth access/usage is now more transparent, and when an app is using any of these features more than it needs to, you'll get a notification about the app and ability to turn them off.

Apple Arcade

Last but not least, the key feature that all gamers were waiting for: Apple Arcade. It's a gaming platform with a monthly subscription and access to approximately 100 games. We've been playing with it here in the office, and while it shows a lot of promise, there are some improvements we'd like to see. Check out our list of pros and cons below.

Apple Arcade Pros

Apple Arcade Cons

Apple Arcade example, featuring the game "Hot Lava" showing on several devices


iOS brings lots of minor improvements, but the main event is the Arcade. It's a promising start, but it remains to be seen whether this service can evolve and compete with similar services.