Etch Play Roundup (03/01/2020)

Ben Joy
Ben Joy
Client Services Lead (Play) 3 Jan 20205 minutes read

It's the first week of 2020! We hope everyone had an excellent festive period, and aren't feeling too many January blues heading back to work. But just in case, have a dose of Play Team to pick your spirits up!

Happy New Year folks! Whilst everyone is focusing on New Year, New Me - here at the Play Team we are New Year, same consistent weekly roundups that everyone knows and loves - at least that's what we tell ourselves anyway!


Some of you may know that I love pinball, so over the Christmas break I was psyched to finally play through Yoku's Island Express, a charming game where you control a dung beetle tied to a pinball, and launch him across various platforming challenges using bumpers and flippers. Also you're a postman for some reason. And you have to save the ancient god of the island? It's weird and wacky, but exploring the island Metroidvania-style by unlocking new abilities kept me occupied for hours.


Over the festive period, I managed to finish the excellent Horizon Zero Dawn and have made a start on Sony Santa Monica's God of War. I'm loving the dialogue between grumpy old god, Kratos and his curious and excitable son, Atreus. The deadpan humour in their evolving relationship contrasts wonderfully with the frequent bursts of violence and I'm enjoying experimenting with the many different ways to wield a magical axe!

Ben G

I got Red Dead Redemption 2 for Christmas (I was a good lad last year) so have been playing plenty of that since. Missions aside, riding around and doing a spot of hunting in such a beautiful open world is pretty relaxing.

In other news, I continue to be amazed by the quality of creations by the Dreams community. These full English breakfasts are making me hungry - and I've already eaten a double sausage and egg McMuffin this morning!

Over the past two weeks I was the assistant manager in Football Manager and helped my Nephew to win 1 cup and get qualify to league 6 from league 7.
The game has so much into it and can spend the whole day on it but we got some break and played real football too which is always a great idea after eating loads of Turkey!


I've just installed the GOG Galaxy 2.0 client on my PC which has the goal of bringing together all your game libraries in once place and I have to say I'm very impressed. There have been a number of attempts at this over the years with things such as Playnite, but I think the 'killer app' for Galaxy 2.0 is the ability for the community to create library integrations using their python API . The integrations are then directly searchable from Github from within the client. It makes it super easy to add all your accounts and only took me about 10 minutes.

I was particularly amused and impressed at being able to add my Xbox and PlayStation libraries to see play times and achievements (in the case of Xbox you can install MS store games too). They also surface lots of cool stats about completion and comparison with your friends. But on the down side it gives you a much clearer view of total play time... I'm definitely not going to post mine 🙈.

Ben j

It seems that these days every other industry is wanting to get in with Video Games, and to be honest, it makes sense (in most cases...), games are booming and becoming ever more popular, so everyone else is wanting to jump on board. I'm a big movie nut, so this week I thought I'd do a bit of looking into cross overs between video games and movies.

Movies and Games are one of those more natural fitting partnerships, with many video game campaign narrative being very film like themselves. This isn't a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination, there have been video game movies for years and years and years - some good, some bad 👀. But looking to the future I came across this article on Gamesradar listing a bunch of confirmed and possible pipeline video game movies coming up for 2020 and beyond. I'm much more excited for Sonic now his human teeth are gone!



Feels like more of a holiday update as we've only been back a couple of days. I actually had a video game break over Christmas (which pretty much means I didn't play Rocket League 🤣) but did play some games of the board variety, specifically Articulate and Harry Potter Cluedo, which amusingly resulted in everyone getting the wrong answer.

As it's a new year I've decided to branch out and try and play some different games instead of only playing Rocket League. For Christmas I brought my sister Dr Kawashima's brain training for the Nintendo Switch which was released today Look out for an update on how we get on next week!

 Brain Training

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