We are a problem-focused practice led by ex-‘Big Four’ strategists and technologists. We use advanced technology and strategy by experimentation to help our clients improve business performance.


We are results-driven multidisciplinary specialists. Blending data, technology, networks and ingenuity, we develop transformative business ideas that can be executed fast and monetised effectively.  

Making Innovation Business As Usual

2 Feb 2021 -
We recently spoke with Suzanne Charlotte Vos, Innovation Strategist and Activator, Consultant & Speaker, currently working as an Innovation Coach &..
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Innovation is Happening in Crisis Mode

15 Dec 2020 -
We recently spoke with Elvin Turner, an award-winning innovation expert and associate professor of innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing for MBA..
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Disrupting the world of work

Disrupting the world of work

2 Dec 2020 -
Our greatest moments happen going through our biggest challenges. Ross Chapman, product consultant at Etch, explores the opportunities we can..
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Don't Slow Down

5 Nov 2020 -
I recently talked to Greg Larkin on the Etch Podcast. He describes himself as someone who maximises innovation ROI within large companies and is the..
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Horizon helps organisations to reduce risk and unlock growth in an ever-changing landscape

In as little as 10 days we can take you from an early-stage question to an evidence-based investment case for a new or transformed business opportunity. The way we work de-risks investment and improves your capability to innovate and capture more value.