Big Radical joins the Etch family

12th October 2017

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Welcome, Big Radical! πŸŽ‰

We're delighted to announce that Etch have acquired Big Radical.

Big Radical, who will now be part of the Etch family, are a London-based product development studio, with a focus on design and mobile development.

Seen as a natural complement to the skills in house at Etch's studio in Southampton, the acquisition will allow Etch to expand it's offering in behavioural design, product development, and native mobile applications.

Managing Director of Etch, Tom Frame, said "People that know Etch understand our journey. And growing smart teams in this fast-paced world is not easy. That's why we were so happy to meet Big Radical and get to know them. It’s also not often you come across another team that shares your values. Now, an even stronger team is emerging as we move away from the commoditised agency model."

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Etch create, build and market human-centred digital products and experiences.

We combine UX thinking with strong digital marketing and production skills to help businesses grow.

With studios in Southampton, Cape Town, and London, the next step is clear: World domination. Just kidding. Or am I?

Big Radical

Big Radical are a product development studio of 45 designers, engineers, project coaches and business innovators based in Soho, London.

Now they're our new best friends, and they're going to have to put up with our in-jokes on Slack.