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A round-up of the most important insights and what they mean for your business.

With the news cycle on hyperdrive, we know it’s difficult to stay on top of the Covid-19 latest. It’s even more difficult to unpick the significant insights for your business. The Business Briefing is your one-stop shop for the most important insights, with valuable analysis and opinion from our Etch experts. We’ll take you through this week’s latest on the economic outlook, emerging consumer behaviours and the implications for organisational and cultural change. 

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Business Briefing X Growth #17

Lockdown learnings from brands that are here to stay

2020 saw brands all over the world faced with a single choice; invest in your online presence or face the dire consequences. Find out the lockdown learnings that we believe are here to stay in this week’s Business Briefing.

Business Briefing X Growth: Lockdown learnings from brands that are here to stay #17

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Business Briefing X Gaming #16

The hidden toll of gaming’s lockdown boom

The pandemic is revealing the businesses of the future; so let's look at what's happening in a bit more detail. To kick us off, we're focussing on the gaming industry.

Business Briefing X Gaming: The hidden toll of gaming’s lockdown boom
Business Briefing #15

The value in ‘purpose’

This week we’re looking at all things purpose and features brands, ideas and innovations built on purpose.

Business Briefing: The value in ‘purpose’
Business Briefing #14

Adopt and Adapt

This week’s edition celebrates everything adaptive and collaborative; those who are adopting new ideas, partnerships, technologies, systems and processes.

Business Briefing: Adopt and Adapt #14
Business Briefing #13

Digitisation Vs Dehumanisation

This week we take a look at the digitisation of loyalty schemes, technology’s potential to dehumanise brand experiences and more!

Business Briefing: Digitisation vs Dehumanisation #13
Business Briefing #12

Digital-Physical Blurs

In this week's business briefing, we explore the resilience of online sales, despite physical stores reopening and more!

Business Briefing: Digital-Physical Blurs #12
Business Briefing #11

The Data Vs Convenience Trade-Off

In this week's business briefing, we look at the rise of social commerce – and the data/convenience trade-off.

Business Briefing: The Data vs Convenience Trade Off
Business Briefing #10

Business Briefing: The Future is Frictionless

In this week's Business Briefing, we are discussing eCommerce’s future as shops reopen and the rise of messenger platforms.

Business Briefing #10
Business Briefing #9

Imagination x Creativity x Technology

In this week's Business Briefing, we are discussing the imagination and creativity needed to adapt to the post-lockdown reality.

Business Briefing #9
Business Briefing #8

The Changing Customer Landscape

This week it's all about the customer. How have your customer's habits, behaviours and needs changed during lockdown? We've waded through the melee of Covid-19 updates, articles and thought pieces in the past week to find out more.

Business Briefing #8
Business Briefing #7

Three things missing from your recovery plan

In this weekly digest we consider a few areas that can get easily missed off a reopening recovery plan.

Business Briefing #7
Business Briefing #6: Hospitality Special

Trend and behavioural analysis to navigate crisis and recovery

In this sector snapshot, we share the latest thinking from our hospitality behavioural analysis and recovery planning workshops.

Business Briefing #6
Business Briefing #5: Retail Special

How can retailers prepare for the reopening of non-essential stores?

As retailers tentatively prepare to reopen their shuttered stores, we explore the broader implications for blurred physical and digital experiences.

Business Briefing #5
Business Briefing #4

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself in Lockdown

7 questions to ask yourself as lockdown is reviewed. With major government announcements on the cards, in this special weekly digest, we take a look at the questions your business should answer now to prepare for the next Covid-19 phase.

Business Briefing #4
Business Briefing #3

Isolation Fatigue starts to Settle In

This week has seen Germany continue to slowly ease out of lockdown, New Zealand pare back its toughest social restrictions and some UK restaurant chains tentatively reopen for deliveries and takeaways. While an exit strategy is now on the cards, rising UK traffic data suggests isolation fatigue is settling in. Responding to the rising anxiety and frustration, design agency &Walsh have gone so far as to create a new set of emoji to better capture our collective new reality.

Business Briefing #3
Business Briefing #2

Social Distancing Measures Impacts Businesses

We started the week by getting over-excited about Denmark’s gradual reopening strategy (schools reopening? WE’RE SAVED!) only to have dreams dashed by Professor Chris Whitty’s address on Wednesday. In a sobering update, he revealed that the UK will have to live with some disruptive social measures for at least the rest of the year. Lockdown measures will remain in place ‘for the time being’. While some businesses, schools and public transport may reopen, social distancing restrictions are here to stay for the foreseeable.

Business Briefing #2
Business Briefing #1

Britain's Lockdown is Extended

In a week that has seen several European neighbours ease some social distancing restrictions, Britain’s lockdown has been extended for at least three weeks. Although England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, has indicated that we’re nearing the UK’s peak, don’t expect the wheels of commerce to start spinning at pace again any time soon. A paper published in the journal Science this week predicts that social distancing measures may need to be in place intermittently until 2022.

Business Briefing #1